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45 revolutions per minute by alien prophets [web]

       |       ______                 _____                             |
       |    __|     (__            __|   ((_     _______        _______ |
       |  _\\_  ___  _//___      _\\_     _//___|  __  _)) _----|   _// |
       |    _|  _    |     |_  _____|     |       _____|____    _   |_  |
      _|___))   |    |__     \_))  _/     |__     |___    _/    |     (_|_
 _(( (__________|      /__________(_________/______   /_  |     |_________) ))_
       |        |________) ))_                _(( (_______|_____|       |
       |                                                                |
       |                 %% a l i e n p r o p h e t s %%                |
       |                                                                |
       |                    __________                                  |
       |  ____________ ____))         |_ _____________________________  |
       | _)       _   |_       _       /_       _   _|          _     |_|
      _|_|      ___\   ((_     |_________)  ____/  _)        _____\    ((_
 _(( (___         _______/_____|       (___________|__          _________/ //_
       | |________)                                  |__________)       |
       |   ______           _________   _______                         |
       |   \_    |__________\   __  (__|__    _|__        __________    |
       |   _|    |     _/       _____/_____    __/_____ __\   ______)__ |
      _|___)     _     |__     |____    _/    (___.  _/____________   _||
 _(( (___________|       /_______  /_   |____________|______     _/   (_|
       |   mw!dsk|_________)     |________)                |___________/ //_
                          A l i e n   P r o p h e t s
                               (41i3n ?r0?63t5)
                     ::fourty-five Revolutions Per Minute::
                       (look what God did to our minds)

USUAL shitbull <- specific race of dogs!:
Gaia. . . . .Fucked up the timer...usually don't mind.
Nudge. . . . Amplified his mind on a summercamp in '84.
Bizk. . . . .Were absent minded.
Jar. . . . . Had booze on his mind.
Macaw. . . . Had is mind set on ASCII. (Thanks Bro!)
Ephoy. . . . Minds his own business.

Again we are the guilty ones.
It's a sad fact that people, when free to do as they please, tend to
imitate each other. So. Break conformity; just because it's all there is(now),
it's not bound to be optimal.
If you think this part of the infofile suffers from a crittical lack of (BS),
then start at the bottom of this file, and move (up)!


a large calculator w/P200 8Mb RAM 3Mb HD
This demo is not UniVBE(TM) compatible. ;-)

                        ::Warranty and disclaimer::
                           - or in other words -
        Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.

This material is not freeware. You are allowed to copy it without
restrictions for non-commercial use.
No payment of any kind may be charged for this product or any combination 
of products or services including this product without our authorization and 
official written license. Commercial use, especially the industrial 
manufacturing on any data storage media and their distribution without the 
expressed permission of the producer, is strictly prohibited. This program
or the data files contained therein may not be altered or modified without 
the permission of the author.
You take full responsibility for the operation of this software and any 
consequences thereof. We the creators cannot accept liability for damages 
or failures arising from the use of this software.

Don't get us wrong. We cannot pay a lawyer. We cannot sue. We will not try.
Have respect for our hard work. What you do with this is up to you.
(Remember your basic japanese buddhism? - Shikisoku-zeku kusoku-zeshiki!)

Arrgh! Warranties *suck*, I am sorry to say that we need them.
We are ill. It seems to be serious.

                        ::For 2nd degree encounters::

Gaia:       gaiaap@inbound.dk/#scene/#coders/#dk-scene
Nudge:      see below for furry details.
Jar:        3306248m001@mail1.stofanet.dk
All others: alienprophets@forum.dk

                            (Hej Blasphemy forresten ;-)
original Alien Prophets suppliers of MORAL HARD support, friendship
and / or demo previews (or just good demos that.we.so.happen.to.like) are:

Blasphemy, Purple, Prone, Fudge, MainLoop, Voxpod, Nocturnal, FadeOut,
(B)yterapers, \\Lwx, tPOLM, Halcyon, Razor1911, Bomb!, Suburban, Orange
da Turbo Bazz Lovers and others osla...
Tak til den danske demokodningsliste for mange muntre timer. ;-p
MainLoop: Der er en saerlig greet til jer! Kan i mon finde den...?
Hejsa til Macaw: Laekker 64k, men bevar roen. :-)
Tak til FadeOut (for module og preview billeder).

In case you experience any bugs, just remember that luck can't last you a
lifetime, unless you die young. With that in mind, please try again. If that
fail, mail me. Ofcourse it won't make the demo run, but it will make my life
suck AND get my mail account closed at the same time. (Gaia) ;-)


"When Gaia finally reached her limits and had to be supressed,
she printed out the program that had always been intended to
appear when that happened. It wasn't her own idea."

  - (Masamune Shirow) Appleseed Book 3 volume 2

A Tutorial on how to alienate your mail address from modern society.:

thermo(nudge). is fully aware of the fact that there are certain similarities
between the module featured in this demo and the theme from Rocky -
"eye of the tiger".
thermo(nudge) explains himself: I can't explain how this could occur so close
to my home, several times I've tried to shout: "Don't fuck the lawn!" out the
window but nothing seems to help. I hate computers! I really do! Believe the
ancient cream-foam(?) who claim, that it posseses unlimited dsp power.
Yeah right! be Rambu, The Intruder or else.....?
- or else.... what?
...... or else...erh?...USE flexras@iname.com   <-furry details
Gaia is never above the floor in a large variety of underground movements!
Which leads us to the question, are there some form of intelligence below the
surface in a cup of hot sweat(kaf')? Thermo said: Bizk is my friend with 
something I can only explain as beeing a very hard drum'n'bass beat at 180 bpm.
forming a picture on a flat rock within a blue desert-room with happy
people on top of it.
This is a present to all the people who suffer from some sort of avantgarde

Gaia tweakz da knobs:
(Which one does not fit in here?)

[00000000]: Evanescent Eurocrats
[00000001]: cryptography crusades
[00000010]: plesant plebiscites
[00000011]: lady lactation
[00000100]: mandrake managers
[00000101]: NATO natter
[00000110]: orgiastic organisms
[00000111]: pretensios prayers
[00001000]: scud screens
[00001001]: wicked whereabouts
[00001010]: fluctuating floors
[00001011]: durable dreamlands
[00001100]: bold bookmakers
[00001101]: phrasal verbs
[00001110]: phreaking prabakhas
[00001111]: introductory introspections
[00010000]: manhole manifests
[00010001]: rodent rockers
[00010010]: torpor tokens
[00010011]: uptown urge
[00010100]: vegetate vendettas
[00010101]: grief grinds
[00010110]: centipede censors
[00010111]: approximate approval
[00011000]: digital diffractions
[00011001]: jumbled judgements
[00011010]: venal veracity
[00011011]: generalized genders
[00011110]: egocentric efforts
[00011111]: accurate acrimony
5bits should be enough for anyone.
(You didn't really expect me to make 256 of these, did you?)
I thank you for lending me your attention. -G!
We are not mentally ill. It's just a matter of personal perception.

Here's the topic of the day..:

Suppose the human race gains technological insight, profound enough
to make electrical entities, wich surpasses us (as humans) in
intelligence, strenght and possibly even in emotions,
then what would be so great about being human anyway? It seems to me
that the futuristic (sf-like) universe depicted by so many great
artists over time, has now (almost) become dangerously real.
Our biological definition of the concept "life" may soon have to be
reevaluated. As will we...

Join the fight against the facistic regime of multinational companies,
trying to exploit the benefits of digital entities for their 
egocentric kapitalistic purposes. Stand up.
Please don't allow this mishap any longer. Do ask questions.
They may try to silence you, but whether they succeed or not,
the questions will still remain. AI is not a toy. If we suceed
in creating digital "life", what right do we have to enslave it?
We should live up to our collective responsibilities as creators
of this "life". I _do_ wonder if we can handle it? Properply not.

Asimov's three rules, Palovian feedback systems. All things to
designed to put restraints on things, that has aquired 
(semi)abstract thinking. What's the point? If we can make a program
that is capable of solving all problems (regardless of their
complexity) in a creative way (given enough time to do it),
it's insanity to think that we can put restraints on it afterwards.
Limitations is exactly what these systems was designed to overcome anyway...


Computer: An electronic device for storing and analyzing information fed 
into it, for calculating, or for controlling machinery automatically.
                        -Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary
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