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We know by Disaster Area [web]

We Know / Disaster Area 2001

yes. we know.
slow ? we know.

requires a windows machine with direct draw and a hefty processor (1Ghz does the trick).

and now...

the credits

floopy b	: graphics and modelling	: floopyb@ozemail.com.au
(null)		: code				: void303@hotmail.com
dodgey hack	: code				: dodgeyhack@i.am
ript.		: code, music, graphics		: ript@i.am, davet@tekniche.com.au
resistance	: graphics

firelight	: fmod				: www.fmod.org

this is about to be entered at coven 2001...
la de da de da

oooooh and greets .... except we can't be bothered typing anymore...
we know you know who you are.

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