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Joint Venture by Absence (Atari)

								Joint Venture

Finally  here  it  is:  the  Joint  Venture  Demo.  Mainly  put  together  at
Symposium'96, release delayed since my Falcons DSP blew up, unfortunately.
Also expect no fancy  design. Or hyper-routines.  As most of the code is very,
very  old  (e.g. most  of my codes  in here  are dated 1993/94).  Released at
InterCon'96. Date 1st of November 1996. No DSP used except for the player.

Hint: boot your Falcon with <Control>-key pressed. Disable Hardisk-Caches.
      Leave as many memory to the demo, as you can. Or at least try it.
      Start Demo in one of the following resolutions for best results:
      320x200x2, 320x200x4, 320x200x16, 640x200x2, 640x200x4 or 640x200x16.


	      endpart animation, river         - Dan/Lazer	
 	      endpart, "reality.sys corrupted",
 	      textures                         - Stallion/absence.
 	      "singer"                         - Bull/absence.
	      modplayer                        - Bitmaster/TCE
	      great packer	               - Mr.Ni/TOS-Crew
	      joint venture fog-distorter      - Tat/Digital Chaos
	      planewaves                       - Nightmare/Inter
	      endpart, river effect,
	      "reality.sys"-fader              - Energizer/Lazer
	      fading-circle-plasma-tunnel      - Scy/TSCC
	      snaketunnel		       - Dynacore/TSCC
	      intro, planets, z-facefader, 
	      joint-venture-fader, rgb-split-
	      circle-distorter, tunnleflight
	      and all the other stuff          - tIn/absence.
	      linking system and first attempt
	      in putting together              - avatar/absence.          

In no special order with special messages from tIn:


	Inter 		- Lucky of ST (und es geht _doch_)
		          Samurai (Flssigseife)
			  Questor (Ha!)
			  Pater Michael 

	Avena		- Fried (Der Cuxhl)
			  Jet (_DER_ Cuxhl)
			  Thyroxin (Los, coden)
			  Agent t. (Renderwahn)
	  		  Boris (Amerikaner) 
	Lazer           - Photon
			  Martina (Rechner heilelassen)
	Risk            - Sepp Jo (Jo!)
			  Danny O. (Wo bleibt RagD?)		  

	TEX   		- Daryl (Die alte Schule lebt)
	Light           - Mega-TRI (Montags-Falcon!)
	TOS-Crew 	- Mr.Ni
	no crews        - Bastian Schick
			  Lars Baumstark
	Therapy, EKO, Exa, Hydroxid, No Crew, Impulse, New Beat,
	Agression and all we forgot


	Icebird 	- Merlyn (Wir texturen unser Oma ihr klein
	          	  Gizmo (Malen, los)

That's all.
absence.  and  Inter have to go on PC now.  Sorry folks.  We had  a very nice
time  in the Atari-scene.  But maybe we'll  release again some  old codes for
Falcon (yes, there are some left ;-).

Signing off
        		tIn/absence./The Independent

http://www.informatik.uni-bremen.de/~tin         tin@informatik.uni-bremen.de
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