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Miracles by Stellar [web]

          S T E L L A R  P R E S E N T S : M I R A C L E S

  Released at the Assembly 95 in 10-13. August 1995, Helsinki, Finland.

This demo was never meant to be watched under 68030/25 based
Amiga, it will be too slow under it. You can not expect 486/Pentium-
performance from a 68020/14, but on a 68030 this demo is still
enjoyable. The 3D stuff is quite complex, so it really needs
CPU power. This is not much for a demo but this points
that it is possible to do quite all that 3D crap on the
Amiga, too.

I am not 100% sure does this work without any FAST memory,
since I did not have the chance to test it. I hope not,
since it will be dead slow.. A1200/NOFAST is not really
for objects with many thousand polygons..

IMPORTANT: This production requires CrM.library, so please
copy CrM.lib to libs:CrM.library!

Demo should run OK from a floppy disk, too..


Programming: Nose (jsaarinen@kone.fipnet.fi)
StelRender: Zuikki (zuikkis@sci.fi) & Nose
Ideas, utilities: Daeron
Objects, textures: Dune
Graphics: Frankie
Music: Groo


        Nose                    Mac
        Jyrki Saarinen          Mikko Koivisto
        Mikkelänahde 8          Rusthollink. 9a5
        FIN-02770 Espoo         FIN-08200 Lohja
        FINLAND                 FINLAND

        Tony Hagerlund
        Pajutie 32
        FIN-02770 Espoo


1. Copy CrM.lib to your LIBS:CrM.library
2. Copy "Miracles.#?" and "#?.dat" files to 
   the directory you want
3. Run SetPatch
4. Run "Miracles.exe"



Run this demo ALWAYS WITH ALL CACHES ENABLED. There is no need
to disable caches, fastram or anything that makes your Amiga
faster. Only poorly programmed demos require this. Use always
SetPatch, especially 68040-users, since SetPatch enables copyback
mode that gives the 68040 its speed. 68030-users could run
SetPatch also, since it enables the data cache of the 68030.

A4000/040 owners may test with or without copyback / datacache
for best performance, because of crippled memory bus of
the A4000/040. Try running the demo with these different
setting (only on a A4000/040), then decide what gives
the largest frame rate:

1) run "setpatch"
2) no "setpatch" at all
3) no "setpatch", just "CPU CACHE"


"Miracles" should also run on a graphics boards with
pass-through (like Piccolo, PicassoII, GVP EGS, CyberVision64 etc.)
because it opens a native Amiga Intuition screen before the demo,
so it forces your graphics board to Amiga output mode. (Thanks
Peter McGavin!)


- Peter McGavin
- Dune for making the stuff again
- Juergen "Rally" Fischer, nice Blitterscreen idea!
- VD guys, I hope the world will see your demo
- Everybody at the Assembly 95, everything went quite OK
- Orange guys for coffee-support

The Amiga will make a comeback..

                                DELPHINA DSP


  Delphina DSP gives your Amiga a whole new definition of power and sound.
With its better-than-cd sound system engined by powerful general purpose DSP,
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parallel interfaces, you get compatible I/O ports with minimum CPU usage.
And with the included libraries and programming tools, you get full control
over your sound, your effects, your I/O ports and your 40MHz Additional
number crucher.

  The card has been specially designed for easy use as a general power machine
for the Amiga. The memory system allows full speed Zorro II transfer to/from
the the card memory, taking only 15% of DSP cycles at the transfer time.
Data cab be transferred from the harddisk using DMA. The included libraries 
allow several DSP programs to run simultaneously as interrupts. Full mastership
of the card is also possible.

                DELFINA FEATURES:

        * 16 bit stereo codec
        - simultaneously record/playback
        - sample frequencies upto 50kHz
        - on-chip anti-aliasing filters
        - RCA stereo input/output
        - 6.3mm stereo microphone jack
        - 3.5mm stereo headphone jack

        * 40MHz Motorola 56002 DSP
        - 24bit bus (144dB dynamic range)
        - 56bit accumulators
        - 32/64/128 kilowords dual ported 25ns memory (96/192/384 kB)
        - 20 MIPS

        * RS232 and Centronics interfaces with appropriate device files
        * Zorro II interface
        * Libraries for programs and sound
        * Introductionary price: $500 or 2100 FIM

        CONTACT US AT:

        Petsoff Limited Partnership
        P.O.Box 1009
        FIN-53301 Lappeenranta
        E-mail: Jyrki.Petsalo@lut.fi

    - Delfina DSP. Discover the Sound of Power -

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