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tampeloeres by Trinity

 Trinity :: TampeloerES

 LTP (pronounce: 'El Tie Pie') 4 entry for the democompetition.

 100% LTP4 Partycoding -> We hadden echt helemaal niets, daarom ziet het er
 ook allemaal zo cheap uit, snap je wel.

 Code :: PlekkES
 Gfx :: Nytrik / Cocoon
 Music :: Ryo-Ohki

 We used Bass by Ian Luck, and ehh, the last two pictures are by Morph
 and Zthee but we didn't have time to insert their credits. Would screw
 up everything, so sorry guys.

 System requirements:

 Pentium 300 megahertz.
 Some silly videocard.
 Some silly soundcard.
 And ofcourse, the best operating system in the world: Windows!


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