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neutral by Coral [web]

                         Neutral, a 64kb intro by Coral

   A third part of intro trilogy ( :) ) by Coral. Maybe a demo next time.
           This intro competed at Assembly '96 and placed 5th.

    code: Weed                        This version supports both  gus and sb,
   music: Weed                        and it  _might_ work  under  win95 (not
    font: Hitchy Hit                  tested).  SB support  should  also work
    pics: me'q                        now.  Requires 400k of  base memory and
                                      1,6mb of xms/ems. Isn't  it  weird that
 Made  from  COMPLETE  scratch in     after adding a SB player and converting
 one week. Uses Eclipse Operating     a  .xm to .mod  (few  bidir loops etc),
 System (EOS) 2.07 by Eclipse and     the  total  size  of  final version  is
 Diamond  player also by Eclipse.     few  hundred  bytes  _less_ than in the
 Thanks  to  me'q  for  pictures.     competition version .. really weird.

        coral: coral@niitty.kosmic.org   http://niitty.kosmic.org/coral/
         weed: weed@pcuf.fi              http://www.pcuf.fi/~weed/
   hitchy hit: jarmok@ambientf.sci.fi    http://www.ambientf.sci.fi/jarmo/
         me'q: dt@clinet.fi

Greetings to
   Coma, Complex, CNCD, Dolphin, Exotic Men, Goto 10, Halcyon, Jade, Mewlers,
   MFX, Orange,  Skraappa! Skruuppi, Splat, Symptom, TDC and  The Black Lotus
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