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electro glide in black by minimalartifact [web]


minimalartifact - electro glide in black

music: ma. + ps
code: ps

our affiliated netlabels:
- http://www.con-v.org/
- http://www.enoughrecors.com/

to view this demo you should need a grand total of:
- > 500mhz machine with win32 compliant OS
- soundcard
- dark, silent, loud and gloomy isolation

i wouldn't recommend you to either download or play this demo
if you don't know who are the following people:
- ryoji ikeda
- cordell klier
- christian fennesz
- carsten nicolai

howhever, if you insist on doing so, for whatever bizarre reason you may possess,
when you do finally realize it is nothing more than digital art
please refrain yourself from commenting, criticising and/or perform any such
sort of similar attention-seeking activities you usually indulge upon.
my humble thanks in advance.

my greetings and high respects belong to the following demogroups:
- tpolm
- mfx
- kosmoplovci
- satori
- kooma
- $
- !=
- eL

my love and friendship go to many other more.
but they should know who they are,
and i feel no need to list them here.

and for those who frequently question what is left of my sanity:

i think you are right leili, i am insane and deeply disturbed.
no sane person would still love you like i do.

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