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mission mopreme 32k by The Black Hazard

                            ¨---- M¨I¨S¨S¨I¨O¨N -----¨
                       ¦¦_¦¦ ¦¯¯¦ ¦¦¯¦ ¦¯¯¦ ¦¯¯ ¦¦_¦¦ ¦¯¯ 
                       ¦ ¯ ¦ ¦¦ ¦ ¦¯¯  ¦¯¯_ ¦¯  ¦ ¯ ¦ ¦¯
                       ¦¦ ¦¦ ¦¦¦¦ ¦¦   ¦¦ ¦ ¦¦¦ ¦¦ ¦¦ ¦¦¦

                          a 32kb game by crossbone/ TBH

  TiNY VERSiON - [for the mekka&symposion '97] ---------------- [03-28-1997]

   Simply use a 486DX2/66-based or better machine and you will most likely
   enjoy the game.  It should work on a 386 as well,  but don't bet on it.
   In addition, you need an Adlib compatible soundcard to hear some music.
   Basically, every SoundBlaster should do.
       how to play
   I guess I don't have to write that much...
   Anyway,  move the  ship with  the  cursorkeys  and shoot your  selected
   weapon with  CTRL or SPACE.  You can  switch between  two weapons using
   the ALT key; there are the Mini Missiles and the Quadro Laser.
   The  Mini Missiles are available in unlimited supply, while the  Quadro
   Laser gets  empty when using it.  You can refresh its energy by picking
   up the blue energy capsules. The grey power-ups increase your  shield's
   energy, which is displayed in grey bars on the left side of the screen.
   Simply pick up the power-ups by flying over them.
   To exit the game,  press  ESC or  play until you reach  the end  of the 
   level.  Try to stay alive by not bumping into other  ships and avoiding 
   their shots.
   And don't forget: to get the big points you need to kick some butt!

   This  piece was  coded and designed by  crossbone of  The Black Hazard.
   Of course,  size optimizations were the  main point.  I did not want to
   miss much of what I have in the  big version of  Mission Mopreme (which 
   is about 4MB), so I had to fight some time to get all the gfx, routines  
   and the  adlib tune into  32kb. 
   For example, I only saved  one half of the ships in the  linked bitmaps
   and mirrored  them at runtime,  as well as  puzzling together the back-
   ground elements... =)
   The graphics were created  using Picture Publisher and  Paint Shop Pro,
   and the adlib song was composed with Reality's adlib-tracker RAD.

   Oh yes,  like I wrote,  a really entertaining  big version of this game
   exists. Featuring many  different scenarios, cool  digital GUS/SB music 
   and almost everything you might have missed in the 32kb version, namely 
   menus, upgrading etc.
   That's it, 31359 bytes of fun. enjoy.

   Thanks to  Shayde^Reality for  RAD-tracker & the adlib-player routines.
   Also thanks to  Evan Salomon for  saving me time writing a TP interface 
   for it.

   Eberhard Grummt 
   Saarbrücker Straße 7, 
   07749 Jena, Germany

   email:  crossbone@tek.dontpanic.sub.org or  ; preferred
           crossbone@comitek.sesom.de or       ; if the 1st doesn't work
    fido:  2:248/3001
   phone: +49-3641-360411
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