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atlantis by riot [web]


              "7 jahre bugfixen"

              (c)1997, 2004 Riot



Original credits:

        frank - code
        squat - code
        nyl   - gfx
        viper - code
        viv   - gfx
        zap   - music


This demo was originally planned as an entry to
the MekkaSymposium '97 democompo but never made
it due to  technical problems.  It was actually
shown  on   the  bigscreen  (although  we   had
withdrawn our entry!)  but it didn' t really do
what it was supposed to, causing amusement (wir
wurden ausgelacht! :) among the audience wasn't
our plan.

I revived  the code and the data (luckily Frank
still had it archived) and  ported it to Win32.
There  were a few minor bugs to  squeeze but it
wasn't that bad - If we had had a boundschecker
back  then we  probably  would  have  gotten it
running for the bigscreen in time.

It  should  run  smoothly  on  a  P2  or better
(originally  it  ran  on  P1-machines,  but the
framerate has been increased).

Please let  us  know  if  you liked the demo or
experienced problems watching it.

                                  -Seb, Jan '04


Additional credits:

        seb ("zap")
                Win32-code, Modplayer,
                porting & bugfixing

        zen ("viper")
                additional bugfixing


Uses ZLIB (c) Jean-Loup Gailly and Mark Adler.

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