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fucked up distortion by Yaphan

	ranked 8th place in the democompo at the gathering 2004.
	a total of 23 demos where released there.

	actually this is a software demo...
	which means no 3d accelerated graphics card is needed
	to run this demo. everything is hardcore coded :)

	this is a final version, but far from bugfree..
	as long as it works on this piece of crap "machine"
	im satisfied with it. also this final version supports
	a startup screen with fullscreen and windowed mode
	selection. can't get any easier than that.

	a linux version will probably come in near
	future, but ill leave that to guru/yaphan.

	at last i would like to say hello again to the people i met
	at the complex tower. hope to see you there again next year.

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