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daddy was a registered trademark by Matt Current [web]

matt current is happy to present you a visual approach to the aesthetics
of jobemusiikkia that we'd just love to call

"daddy was a registered trademark"

presented to the general public at breakpoint 2 in germany

skrebbel modelling
jobe 2d gfx

firelight fmod
ripped some vectormath and window code from eL, you rock mate!

jobe would like to thank the scene.org awards committee (for the champagne or whatever)
and also ze germans

(all of them, really)

because we didn't have an imageloader the greets and shouts will be listed below instead:

unique boozoholics moonhazard guideline tpb eL kaleido äm äf äksss kewlers suck bypass
blackmaiden aardbei eL progress odd kolor tpolm fr addict ÜMLAÜT!! etcetera.

oh and sorry about the big ogg, a final with a 500k xm that sounds just alike may come.

big ups to scamp for, well, everything! hero!
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