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B-Clopd 3D by John Trapolka Memorial Krew & Creative Mind

                                                 __    ____      
                                               /'__`\ /\  _`\  
 ____        ___  __    _____  ____  ____     /\_\L\ \\ \ \/\ \ 
(  _ \ ___  / __)(  )  (  _  )(  _ \(  _ \    \/_/_\_<_\ \ \ \ \ 
 ) _ <(___)( (__  )(__  )(_)(  )___/ )(_) )     /\ \L\ \\ \ \_\ \
(____/      \___)(____)(_____)(__)  (____/      \ \____/ \ \____/
                                                 \/___/   \/___/ 

			a Game in 96kb 

         John Trapolka Memorial Krew  &  Creative Mind

                          powered by


                   - THIS GAME IS FREEWARE -

We made this:
           Martin Raack (Pap) - Code & Design                          (apc_pap at gmx dot de)
        Christian Loos (Snej) - Software-Sythesizer 'TuneFish'         (snej at braincontrol dot org)
      Ronny Krüger (Starbuck) - Music                                  (starbuck at creative-mind dot org)
   Frank Scheffel (Skyrunner) - Additional Music                       (skyrun at gmx dot de)
      Jack Weinert (Fillbert) - Additional Code                        (fillbert at creative-mind dot org)
   Annika Hebig (Ghettobitch) - Additional Design

we respect:
Haujobb, Farb-Rausch, Black Maiden, MFX, Doomsday, Calodox, Kewlers, Mandula, Exceed,
Moppi Productions, AND, T$, HanSolo, Kolor, Conspiracy & good old Future Crew :o)

greetings also to Lunatic & Koyote

Minimum Requirements:
- 1.4ghz Machine
- 256 megs of RAM
- GeForce2 or better
- 96kb free space on Disk

-History:  The Idea came up after the Mekka&Symposium 2002, when B-Clopd 2D came
           2nd in the Game-Competition. The first place was a 3D-game by Calodox.
           So the next game definately had to be 3D, and I (pap) started to learn 
           some opengl and played a bit with physics and stuff.
           Then some personal reasons caused the project to be delayed for about 1 year.
           After that, I started the whole project again from scratch, but this time
           with the aim to finish it.

-The 3D-Editor: The idea behind getting 3D-Models and Levels in 96kb is quite simple:
                Don't load the Mesh, calculate it. 
                This means, that you don't save vertex- and polygon-informations, but
                the commands to create it (like "create cube","rotate cube","smooth left
                edge of cube", simply spoken). So, for example, the size of the commands to
                create the Spider can be reduced to as low as 1383 byte.
		The heavy side-effect is, that you cannot make use of 3D-Modelling-Software
                anymore and have to write your own 3D-Editor.

		Another good idea to save size is to reuse already build Meshes. You may have 
                2 Player-models, which both got 2 eyes. So build the Eye-mesh once and then import
                it while building the player-meshes.

-The Animationtool: The Players are animated using Skeleton-Nodes. You define Keyframes
                    and during the game the SkelNodes get interpolated (hmm, actually
                    every Node gets a Destination-Position and then tries to get there
                    by increasing it's speed in the direction of the Destination).

-The Texturecreator: Is a quite crappy one :o). There's only one true Generation-Function
                     (which actually works quite well) and a bunch of basic filters and 
                     effects like blur, twist, color, emboss and so on.
-The Postoptimizer: Cleans up the 3D-Command-Files, erases useless commands and adds nifty
                    tricks, like cutting the lower 8bits of float-values (thanks for the
                    Info Farb-Rausch :o) )

-The Synthesizer: check out the description at www.braincontrol.org/tunefish

- NVidia-drivers newer than version 2.x slowdown the game on some machines.
  If that's the case, downgrading the drivers will cause a huge speed effort.
  If anyone can tell me the reason for that, please email me (apc_pap at gmx dot de)
  I've no clue :o/

- The Sound is not working correct on some machines (especially on some Notebooks)


Q: Why are there only 3 Levels ?
A: The 96 kilobyte limit was reached !

Q: The game is too tough, I'm dead much too soon
A: Use BulletTime (hold SHIFT) more often

Q: Will you release the Sourcecode ?
A: Hmm, not sure about that. Lets say, if more than 20 people are interested in the code
   (mail me:apc_pap at gmx dot de) i'll make a package and release it. But don't expect any support 
   concerning the source.

Releases so far:
     - Brennglas '03 (256byte-Intro by Fillbert)
     - Murmeln (256byte-Intro by Pap)
     - B-Clopd (32kb-Jump'n'Run, 2nd Place at Mekka&Symposium 2002)
     - Raubzug (FastIntro, 2nd Place at Mekka&Symposium 2002)
     - Linear (Demo)
     - Das Polkatro ((Fun-)Demo, 4th Place at Dialogos 2001)
     - Fastrolympics (Fastintro, 3rd Place at Mekka&Symposium 2000)
     - Jobbsuche (Fastintro, 1st Place at Mekka&Symposium 1999)

Further Information:

released in April'04 at BreakPoint (http://breakpoint.untergrund.net)
(c)2004 John Trapolka Memorial Krew & Creative Mind
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