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Sonolumineszenz by Avena [web]


    sonolumineszenz : lite                     version 1.2 (bugsfix)


        As I write, my football team is being creamed by a bunch of no-hopers
        and hence missing out on promotion. However, all is not lost,

        This is (we hope) a much more reliable version of "sonolumineszenz"
        by Avena. This demo somehow won 1st place at the Siliconvention,
        Bremen 1997. It's not the promised version 2 with the proper design,
        but we've (a) stopped it crashing so much by stepping through
        mountains of code and rewriting all dsp access code and (b) fixed the
        hideous clipping error that I've been trying to find for 18 months.

        There are also a couple of smaller cosmetic changes, that most people
        won't be able to spot but makes Tat feel a lot better. We have
        purposely not altered any graphics, timings or design bits in order
        to make you "upgrade" to version two when (if?) it comes out.
        The MicroSoft spirit hits the Atari!

    technical notes

        If you can't get the demo to run...

            (a) it only works properly on RGB/TV/Multisync. No check
                is made for VGA!
            (b) turn of any accelerators you might have on
            (c) boot from clear memory
            (d) if all else fails, contact Tat, who will try to fix it
                Please send the configuration of Falcon (RAM, TOS version,
                installed utilities esp. HD driver software)
                We have reports of dying Falcons but if you don't contact us,
                we can't fix the problem!

    sonolumineszenz : two

        The next version of this demo is currently in the planning stage and
        will definitely be much much much better. There will be upgrades of
        design, code and graphics. However we don't want to reveal too much
        about the improvements. I hope Agent -t- knows what he's letting
        himself in for though :)

        What's that? Release date? Well don't expect it in the next couple
        of months, but A -t- points out that there is a party in about
        October, and the Atari Shows in Britain take place then too, so...

    people who did things

        We were too tired to do this properly last time, so here goes:

        Tommy       Original Art-Of-Noise (amiga) tracker tune:
                    "Einfach nur Schweben"
                    We had to cut it down a tiny bit for this version, sorry

        Agent -t-   Bitmap graphics: Sonolumineszenz logo,
                    midpoint and end pictures, a couple of the nicer
                    environment mapping textures.
                    "Sonolumineszenz" shock-fade lettering.
                    The endpic won the Render Competition at the

        Tat         All main programming,
                    All 3D objects, timings and "design" (such as
                    there is)
                    Avena logo (rendered in GFA Basic!)
                    Nearly all the hideous mapping textures used, including
                    the ones on the gouraud/envmap-shaded texture objects
                    All the nasty bugs

        Jet         The 3D bump mapping effect that wasn't included in
                    this version. (We have to rewrite it to use less
                    DSP memory)

    other people who did things

        Lego                Original Amiga tracker interpreter code

        Mr Pink/
        Reservoir Gods      Linkfiler code

        Reservoir Gods      Those cute little icons from the back of your
                            Falcon's case for one of the interlude bits

        Skynet/Abstract     DSP Port "data protecting" code

        Altair/?            Atomik packer
        Axe/Superior        Fire packer

        our thanks also to the people who helped inspire and support us.
        Without you this demo wouldn't have been released. So it's all your

    littleborough, england
    15 april 1997

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