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pig by Cool Productions

Sika - a 64kb intro for Juhla 3 , also known as Teuvo annas perunoita!

Credits go something like this:

Koodaus - Laama
Kuvaus  - Laama
Musaus  - Keksi

This inpho is written by Laama.
Requires a hefty 386 and fast Vga. Also Gus for music. This intro uses
Gusplay 1.5 for pascal by Robban/Cda,Juggler/Enmuista and
Enmuista/Renaissance. Gus configuration must be found at ultrasnd
enviroment variable. So if you don't have gus try something like
Set UltraSnd=250,1,1,11,7. Hope you got the idea.
I have also a working gouraud routine but just didn't bother to put it here.
Check the star in the end to get a clue. Man it sucks.
Oh, almost forgot. More conventional memory you have free, the more solid
it will run. And never EVER run it under dos shell or windows!

We'd like to greet the following groups:
Jeskola!,Interamnia,AbuA,tAAt,Brainles! Coders,Symptom,Orange,Deep,Black
Rain,Tribal, and the rest. I have definetly forgot someone.
And then following persons:
Tonic,Distance,Humanoid,Drow,Megabyte,Sailmaker,Primon,Mov,all AbuA members,
and rest of course.

<*** End of Life ***>
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