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sumea by Virtual Dreams & Fairlight [web]

                           f a i r l i g h t

                      v i r t u a l  d r e a m s

                           S   U   M   E   A

                            f a k t o r y 2

                      code + music   sami "alien" arola
                          graphics   jarkko "jaco" salminen

                            player   guru
                              head   pete

                          we thank   jukka "bart" arvo
                                     linus "probe" elman
                                     masa "kerberos" hänninen
                                     antti "shaman" laaksonen
                                     timo j.

                          extract all archives
                        into a same directory on
                            your hard disk.

                        assign sumea: <directory>


                         this demo is something
                       faktory was supposed to be.

                thanks to the asshole who stole my amiga.
             i had to write a completely new polygon engine.

            contact address for comments and useful offers is
	                  saanar@utu.fi (alien)

                         released at the ass 96.

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