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closer by Carillon & Cyberiad [web]

 CNCD 'CLOSER' was released 28.12.1995 at the party 5 in denmark

 Execute "install.script" from the directory you want the demo to
 be installed in, or just lha e all the packages in a same directory.

 Install script searches for volumes "CNCD1:" - "CNCD3:"
 and files "closer1.lha" - "closer3.lha"
 if the script asks for the disk 4 , ignore the message. the are no such
 thing as the fourth disk.
 you have to make an assign to the demo directory, for example
 'assign CNCD: your-demo-dir'

 Credits are:

	Coding by   Juliet & Case
	Graphics by Destop & Kube
	Music by    Groo

 Additional support by PrImeP, Yolk, Tsunami and MuRk
 Additional releases by nose

 Juliet jtrasane@vipunen.hut.fi
 Case   mphuhtam@kruuna.helsinki.fi
 Kube   kube@cute.fi
 Destop destop@hybrid.org
 prime@imagew.fi - http://www.imagew.fi
 koivukatu 8 FIN-87150 kajaani

 (C) CNCD Finland 1995

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