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HappyNewYearMo 2004 by Collapse [web]

<fc-ascii'03>       Û       Û                 ÛÛÛÛÛ                            
                   Û°Û     Û°Û               Û±±  °ÛÛÛ                         
              ÛÛÛ Û° ±Û   Û° ±Û            Û ÛÛ°     °ÛÛÛ                      
            ÛÛ° °Û°  °±Û Û°  °±Û          Û°Û Û°°   °   °ÛÛÛ                   
          ÛÛ°    °²  °°±ÛÛ   °°±Û       Û Û °ÛÛÛ°°   ²²°   °Û                  
         Û°      °²°  °°±Û°  °°°Û      Û°ÛÛ    °ÛÛ°°  ±±°   °ÛÛÛ               
         Û   °°°°±²²  °°²Û²  °°°Û    ÛÛ° °ÛÛ     °ÛÛ°  Û±±°    °ÛÛÛ            
        Û°  °±²²²²Û²° °°²Û²   °°Û  ÛÛ°   °°Û   ²°  °Û°  ÛÛ±²°     °Û           
        Û  ±²²Û²²²ÛÛ² °°²Û²°  °°ÛÛÛ°  °² °°°Û  Û²°  °Û°  ÛÛ±²°  °  °Û          
       Û°  ²ÛÛ²°°°²²²  °²ÛÛ²  °°    °²±Û °°°Û  ÛÛ²°  °Û   Û²²°  ²°  °Û         
      Û°  °²ÛÛ±    °²  °²ÛÛ²  °   °²±±ÛÛÛ °°°  °ÛÛ°  °Û°   Û²°  ±²° °Û         
      Û   ²ÛÛ²°  ² °²  °²ÛÛ²  ° °²±±ÛÛÛÛÛ °°Û       °°ÛÛ°   °   Û±°  °Û        
      Û   ²ÛÛ²  ²±° ²  °²ÛÛ²  °²²±ÛÛÛÛ°   °°Û  °Û±±°°±Û±Û            °Û        
      Û   °²Û²  ²ÛÛ ±  °²Û²°  °Û±°°       °°Û  Û°Û±±±ÛÛ±Û°   °  ±°°°°ÛÛ        
      Û°   °²²   Û  °  ±²Û±   °±°    ²²²² °°Û  Û°°Û±ÛÛ°°±Û   ±  Û±±±±Û         
       Û     °±² ± °° ²±²Û°  °±°    ²±±±° °°Û  Û±°ÛÛÛÛ°°°Û   Û  ÛÛÛÛÛ          
       Û°°      ±°°²   ²²°   ²±Û   ²±±ÛÛ° °±Û  °Û±ÛÛÛ°°ÛÛ°   Û   Û  °Û         
       ±ÛÛ°       °²°   ²²    ²Û   ²±ÛÛÛ  ±±Û   Û±ÛÛ°ÛÛ°    °Û     °Û          
        Û²Û°°      °±°  °²°    Û°   ²ÛÛ°  ±±Û   ÛÛÛÛÛ°      °Û°  °°Û±          
        ²±±ÛÛ°°    °Û°°  °²²°  °Û°         °°   °          °ÛÛÛ°°ÛÛÛ²          
        ±  ±ÛÛÛ°°°°°ÛÛ°°  °°²°° °Û°                     °°°Û²Û±ÛÛ ±Û           
            ± ÛÛÛÛ°°ÛÛÛÛ° °°±²²²°°²²°°°°°°      °   °°°°°ÛÛÛ±² ±   ±           
           ²  ± ²²ÛÛÛ ÛÛÛ°°°±±±±Û°°°ÛÛÛÛ°°°°    °°°°ÛÛÛÛÛÛ ² ±                 
           ±     ± ±ÛÛ²Û²Û°±±°°±ÛÛ°°±±±ÛÛÛÛÛ°°°°°ÛÛÛ² ±  Û²±   ±               
                    ²Û±²²²ÛÛ±°°°Û²ÛÛÛ±°°Û² ²ÛÛÛÛÛÛÛ ±  ± ²±                    
                    ²± ± ² ²ÛÛÛÛ² ± ²ÛÛÛ±    ± ²ÛÛ±     ±²±                    
                    ±    ±   ±Û ±   ±          ± Û       ±                     
                              ±²        ±       ±²                             
                         ±     ±                 ±                             

   þ code:		Shash, B52

   þ gfx2D/3D/design:	Shock, Dar, FrankCastle

   þ music:		Wizard

ß  þ orgo:		Wizard, Shash
                                ß  ß  Û

 Happy New 2004 year to every1 reading this infofile. This prod is the result
of no more than 4 days of intense work, but in a very funny way.

 The Credits:

	- B52 - Code / Graphic Engine / Character Behaviour Engine
	- Shash - Modelling / Additional Tools
	- Frank - Main Modelling / Texturing / Character Behaviour
	- Wizard - Texturing / Camera Travels / Character Behaviour / Music

 The Excuses:

  This production has been made in very little time so it may contain
several bugs. We know it could have been greater, but as always time wasn't
at our side. Sorry.

 Recommended System:

  Pentium 3 or higher, with a fast Gforce.

        *Tested succesfully on: riva tnt2, gforce4 mx, ati radeon 8500,
                                gforce fx 5600, ati radeon 9200, gforce2 mx64

 The Greetings:

 B52: Thanks to all bcnparty'11 people for making me recover my scener spirit.
No collapse members were harmed during the making of this demo.

 Frank: Thanx to Shock for introducing me to the world of the scene, thanx to
all collapse members, and to every1 who likes this prod.

 Shash: To Anna, kisses. To the collapse bunch, demoscene wouldn't be the
same without you. To my real life friends. Best wishes to bp, kile, merlucin, 
jak, jamque, dr. kami, trace, and the following demogroups: gum, dust inc.,
zonaneutra, synth, tdr, concept, rgba, stravaganza, unknown, tlotb, fuzzion, 
xplsv, tpm, necrostudios, and all the others I forgot. Thanks for being there 
to you all, have a nice 2004 :)

 Wizard: Greetings to all spanish sceners, my family, friends and specially to
the loving memory of my uncle venan. Lots of Love.

ÛÜ                                                                            Û
ÛÛ Ü                                                                       ß Ü 
                                      ß                              ß
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