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1 by Minimalartifact [web]


yes it's software rendered.
yes it needs atleast 400hz to run at decent framerate.
yes it's just one effect for 9:33 minutes.
no there are no timeline syncs, it's all frequency response.

when viewing please consider the following:
- use loud speakers as opposed to headphones. either way, keep it loud.
- use a very dark room.
- if you are planning to press escape when it gets boring, don't even run it.

i called this project minimalartifact_1, i guess that's a groupname_demoname tag.

thanks to ian luck and gaffer for the .dll's
thanks to hybrid2k for the file_id.diz ascii
fuckings to kewlers ofcourse
and hugs to gargaj/üd for a couple code optimizing tips.
sorry if i forgot to greet you, or if you didnt have the patience to try and spot the name.

filipe cruz
ps / tpolm ^ iP ^ enoughrecords
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