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Fishtro 2 by Error 64

Fishtro 2

Version 1.0

Code: Adrian Boeing (Error64)
Music: Purple Motion / Future Crew
Sound System: MiniFMOD
Fish model found on the internet

 .DirectX 8.1
 For shaders:
 .Pixel Shader 1.3
 .Vertex Shader 1.1

1024x768x32 Fullscreen
2.0 Ghz CPU
Geforce 4 or above

Created on a Athlon 1800+ with a Geforce 4 Ti. Should work with radeons, but apparently slower.
If anything bad happens to you while watching this, then its not my fault.

The intro is a tribute to Future Crews original Fishtro 
FC was a group that inspired me, and a whole generation of sceners. Thank you.

Created for Buenzli 12, and to invite you to SYLAN - New and Improved
13-14 December 2003, Fremantle Passenger Terminal, Perth, Western Australia

This is a wake up call to all the australian scene.

Jari Cederberg, I have no idea who you are. 
I hope you aren't still taking drugs. =)


Feb00:Hello World . 256k Intro . 1st Coven 2000
Apr00:Fuzzy!      .    Demo    . 22nd MS2K
Feb01:Blue        .    Demo    . 3rd  Coven 2001
Feb01:Mist Garden . 256k Intro . 1st  Coven 2001
Aug01:Robo        .  64k Intro . ?? Caos Constructions
Aug03:Fishtro2    .  64k Intro . ?? Buenzli 12
Expect more soon.

Thanks to people who have helped in the past, and this intro:
Brothomstates, Zage, krei, Fractoid, m27, h0l, Mick Rippon, Boom Boom, Unlock, Reaper, Gwala, Evil One, Franciso Rivas and Graham Aldridge.
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