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Fistpig by Spaceballs [web] & Ephidrena


- An Amiga 4k intro released at Assembly 2003

Loaderror / Ephidrena  -  Sound engine and music
Slummy / Spaceballs  -  Visual effects

..nothing in this intro looks like it was supposed to...
..Slummy won't release anything on Amiga for quite a while now...

This 4k features:

Full 3d-engine with X&Y-clipping, truecolor additive stencilmapping and a
"point at"-camerasystem with rubberband physics.

Hyperbolic glow-filter (medium precision)

Texturegenerator producing 3 monotone and 3 dualblended textures. Giving a
total of 6 256*256 pixels truecolor 18-bit textures, amounting to a total
size of 1.5 megabytes.

Two simple 3d object/scene-generators.

Sound engine:
- Infinite polyfonism
- Overdrive
- Drum Synth with 65536 possible sounds
- Tunable lowpass filtered delay/feedback
- One-pole IIR lowpass filter
- Additive and fm synthesis
- variable frequency phaser/flanger/doubler
- convolution effects
- 3 waveforms: sine, square, saw.
- 8 track sequencer with looping to save space.
- Multilayered portamento effects
- Resonance
If the song was rendered to disk rather than realtime mixed in hardware, the
total filesize would amount to 92 megabytes of raw sampledata.

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