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arcadia by Northern Dragons [web]

        s s s s ssss sssssssss s s s  s  ssss  ss  ssssss
        $  $$SSsss._                $$SSsss._           $
        $  $$$$$$$³$$s._       sss  $$$$$$$³$$s._       $
        $  $$$$;   '*$$³$b.    $$$  $$$$;   '*$$³$b.    $
        $  $$$$       $$$$$b.  $$$  $$$$       $$$$$b.  $
        $  $$$$,       `$$$$$  $$$  $$$$,       `$$$$$  $
        $  `ý½*$S       l$$$$  $$$  `ý½*$S       )$$$$  $
        $      $$       ;$$$$ss$$$      $$     ,d$$$$'  $
        $ss  s $$                    s sSSsssS$$$$$Ù's  s
              n o r t h e r n   d r a g o n s   

tetrisa.zip	- ROM binaries for use with MAME
arcadia.avi	- Output of the wild prod to avi video
readme.diz      - This file!

ARCADIA is a demo designed to run on arcade hardware. "why?" you may be asking.
well, it seemed like a good idea at the time, thats basically it. I (Syntax)
have wanted to do something cool with emulated arcade hardware since I first
realised that it could be done. The result of many hours of hacking and reading
through datasheets, ARCADIA is hopefully just the start of many more hours of
hacking and reading datasheets :)

This demo contains no proprietary information and was created using no proprietary
information. All the information was collected from public sources (MAME source code
and documents on arcadedev.emuvibes.com) and the tools used are freely available.
This demo was not meant to infringe anybodies copyright. If it does, i'm sorry.

ARCADIA is a Northern Dragons Wild Demo.
Visit us at: http://www.northerndragons.ca

1) Go to www.mame.net
2) Follow the FAQs and instructions the download the correct MAME port for your machine
3) Put the zip file tetrisa.zip into your ROMS directory.
4) Run the demo as follows:
	Command Line: 	MAME tetrisa.zip
	GUI: 		click on Tetris (Sega set 2) (ignore the red cross next to the text)
	Watch the included avi.

Polaris - For making sure this was submitted on time & for the support (thanks!)

Visa Forstén (Dairos / Unique)
For submitting our production to Assembly 2003.

Joonas Wahlsten (Soufly/ Northern Dragons)
For being our designated prize collector and the Northern Dragons 
voice in Finland! 

Charles Doty (arcadedev.emuvibes.com) - For being a pioneer
The MAME team, especially the System 16 team & YM2151 team for their well documented source code

Elmindreda / Hypercube
Frankie / Smash Designs
Miss Saigon / Threesome
Adok / Hugi 

Rest of the Northern Dragons team for making this possible!
And anyone else we might have forgotten!

This demo was designed to be played upon arcade hardware, although it was designed
and tested via MAME. There should be no problem in burning the binary images onto
E(E)PROM chips and trying them on any spare System 16 arcade machines you happen to
have lying around ;)

A) IBM PC Compatible
   650Mhz Celeron
   320Mb RAM
   Voodoo3 video Card
   Windows XP

A. JAS 68000 assembler
B. MACCER pre-processor
C. 68000 Linker
(all of the above can be obtained from arcadedev.emuvibes.com)

D. MAME32 version 0.61
E. Paintshop Pro v3.11
F. SPRS16.EXE (obtained from the System 16 demo pack from arcadedev.emuvibes.com)
G. Hex Workshop

=== END OF FILE ===
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