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Tyranny by Dead Hackers Society [web]

 -=( D E A D   H A C K E R S   S O C I E T Y  )=-
               - T Y R A N N Y -
                  - 1 9 9 3 -

Release date: 1993-06-26

This demo should run happily from the desktop on any Ste
with at least one megabyte of memory. If the demo won't start,
try to put the file 'tyranny.Prg' in the autofolder of
your boot-drive and the other files in the root-dir and try again.

If you get any problems, then please contact us (address follows).
Tyranny is  N O T  tested on Mega Ste and will not run on TT or
St machines. (Falcon?)

These files should be included in the archive:
Tyranny.Prg (Loader)
Intro       (Intro)
Demo        (Main demo)
Endpart     (Endpart)
Tyranny.Txt (This file)


Authors of TYRANNY:

    Code: Loke

    Code: Et
    UCDM: Blade / Newcore - 25khz
Graphics: Evil (Tyranny logo)
          Triton Rex (DHS logo)
    Tune: Gargamel
    Code: Loke
 Addcode: Et 
Gfa Code: Loke
    UCDM: Blade / Newcore -12khz
    XOPE: Micael Hildenborg / Omega
Graphics: The Evil Gnome (Bitmap gfx)
          Gargamel (Bitmap gfx)
          Evil (Bitmap and Vector gfx)
   Music: Gargamel
    Code: Et
 Gfacode: Loke
    UCDM: Blade / Newcore - 25khz
Graphics: Evil
   Music: Gulligull
Ps. The Evil Gnome, Triton Rex and Gulligull are not DHS members, 
    but real good friends of us, thanx for your help guys!

Current memberstatus of Dead Hackers Society (930626):

       Dasse: Music
          Et: Code/Design/SysOp
        Evil: Graphics/Design/SysOp/Contacs
    Gargamel: Music/Design
      Kilroy: SysOp/Moral support
        Loke: Code/Design
Mr.Twinpeaks: SysOp/Ascii gfx
    Slitsten; SysOp/Gfacode
    Toodeloo: Music/Design/SysOp
Feel free to contact us on the following ways:

Anders "Evil" Eriksson
Lonnvagen 2
783 32  Sater

Anders "Evil" Eriksson
Outside Sweden: +46-225-50219
 Inside Sweden: 0225-50219
DHS North HQ
Outside Sweden: +46-225-51759
 Inside Sweden; 0225-51759
You can reach ALL members on this number!

DHS South HQ (Twin Peaks)
Outside Sweden: +46-221-11611
 Inside Sweden: 0221-11611
Most of the members can be reached here.

Email: elias@proxxi.uf.se  (Loke)


Greetings must go to:

2SMART4U (Bought Falcon too soon?)
Brainless Institiute (Still alive?)
Friendchip (Hi there Eagle, w8ting for your new demo...)
Istari (Skulle du vilja vara Tomte Sven?)
Moranet (Hi Mats!)
New Beat (Power: Just Musix 2 is on the way! :)
NewCore (Thanks for all thoose UCDM routs!)
Omega (Xope is great!)
Powersonic (Will your demo ever arrive?)
Reward (We like Octalyser 0.87! Also waiting for your Contractions demo)
The Final Spacecoders
The Lazer Heads 
The Legion
Unit Seventeen
Viking X
Yeager (How's it going with the BBS?)
Yodel (Thanks for letting us borrow your videocamera at TCC'93!) 


Special thanks:

Gulligull (Great tunes!)
NewCore (Esp. Blade)
Triton Rex (Nice pictures and logos!)


                   This has been a
       - D E A D   H A C K E R S   S O C I E T Y -
                   Production 1993
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