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Saturne 1993 results

03-05.09  Saturne Party 1.
SAT1 was held in Chelles near Paris, France by Saturne. 366 people attended.
There were separate A500 (42 entries) and A1200 (10 entries) graphics
competitions. 10 modules were preselected for the music competition, but
most musicians were quite unhappy with the selection, and several wellknown
and famous musicians didn't have their modules played. Intros were limited
at 64k, and the Angels and Cryptoburners entries were the best of the 8
submitted. AGA demo compo had only three entries, from Movement, Arkham and
Intense. 10 ECS demos were submitted, but only the ones from Nova and
Syntex were any good. There were 49 music entries.
The next Saturne Party was held the following year. Any results welcome!

DemoECS 1.  Nova.
        2.  Syntex "Aluminium".
        3.  Intense.

DemoAGA 1.  Oops!/Movement "Kid".

AM64k   1.  Angels "Destroy Fascism".
        2.  Cryptoburners "Flan".
        3.  Intense "What's Up Doc".
        xx. Antarkos.
        xx. Fastline.
        xx. Kool "64k Intro".
        xx. Sygma.
        xx. Trance "Porky-tro".

GfxECS  1.  Suny/Movement.
        2.  Ra/sanity.

GfxAGA  1.  Troyan (ed: Trajan?)
        2.  KSS/The End.
        3.  Elf/Intense.

Music   1.  Jazz/Experience.
        2.  Monty/Analog.
        3.  Psynomix/Intense.
        xx. Cash and Kyle/Mentasm "Spasme".
        xx. Clawz/Digital "Sonic City".
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