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Easter Conference 1995 results

29-30.04  Eastern Conference 95.
Held in Biaîystok, Poland by Ladybird Design. Some complete results would be
extremely nice, what's here now is pieced together from several other

invit   Ladybird Design "Eastern Conference Poland '95 Invitation" (amiga).

amdemo  1.  Freezers "Lech".
        2.  Tilt and Old Bulls "Moments".
        3.  Flying Cows Inc. "Boom-Boom".
        xx. Failure.
        xx. Lamers.
        xx. Venture "Anal-phabeta".

amintro 1.  TRSI "48kb Intro".

gfx     1.  Jackal "Czerwony Smoczek".
        2.  Zefir "Bambi".

music   xx. Dreamer "Folx-Wagen Passat" -unselected-

other   Anadune "Collage" (amiga demo).
        Joker "Star Wars" (amiga).
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