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Unreal Engine 4

category: general [glöplog]
Wow, even a stupidhead like me can use this. Anyone care to give their impressions on it?
there was once a thread on unrealed.info for demos created with UE. im shure that somewhere on the web's still a forum for that . and yeah its fk easy, especially since there are more than enough tutorials for eveything to the UE
The thing is, if you do a demo with an engine like that, the expectations are going to be super high for the content to live up to it.
added on the 2014-04-01 23:06:37 by Gargaj Gargaj
So Gargaj, with demos made with Werkzeug, you dont expect much content with it :D
added on the 2014-04-02 06:17:43 by moredhel moredhel
As a democoder, are you craving to see it? Or are you feeling better off doing your own stuff?
Well, Unity engine can calculate polygons far more than you do?
For example, frostbite 2 or even kalms made 3 version of it, can do something nice on an basic cpu/gpu calculates on an textured polygons.
added on the 2014-04-02 09:42:12 by moredhel moredhel
added on the 2014-04-02 10:24:12 by Gargaj Gargaj
And it's already one day above 1st april.
added on the 2014-04-02 11:04:06 by Optimus Optimus
#1 UE4 FAIL achievement - dead before arrival - $19 charge for a testrun. D: where's a free version? lmao
added on the 2014-04-02 15:12:17 by yumeji yumeji
Free with adverts, or free with in-app purchases? But yes, everyone knows gamedev companies can't afford $19, what were they thinking?!
added on the 2014-04-02 15:35:08 by psonice psonice
inb4: linux support in UE 4.1
added on the 2014-04-04 17:57:52 by wysiwtf wysiwtf
everyone knows gamedev companies can't afford $19, what were they thinking?!

To shut out non-commercial developers? Same old crap eh.
added on the 2014-04-04 20:18:16 by Gertrude Gertrude
Tech Demo released: http://www.techpowerup.com/downloads/2368/unreal-engine-4-elemental-tech-demo/
< RCL|#demoscene> Scenergy: qmotvs^^ BTW, we (Epic) have a channel on Freenode if anyone is interested (#unrealengine), re: demo feedback and not only. Also #ue4linux (guess for what :-))
< RCL|#demoscene> you're welcome to join
added on the 2014-04-29 15:08:09 by leGend leGend
oh wow a 3d engine! i havent seen those before!
...and it shows :P
added on the 2014-04-29 15:47:53 by Gargaj Gargaj
just saying that when making a decent demo, a decent 3d engine is least of your concerns ;)
yeah, we need more cubes, right?
added on the 2014-04-29 16:42:05 by spike spike
There are plenty of (wireframe) cubes in the Elemental tech demo!
BB Image
added on the 2014-04-29 19:38:28 by fizzer fizzer
just ran it. it kinda worked. it's obviously a lot of graphics for my lil old rig, but...

as a demo it sucks major ass in the execution department. it scales rather good. but the sound fucked up. ran only once - chopped. can't even produce a regular streamed output. demo crashed a couple times. and it's awful crash behaviour on failure. had to reset my resolution and shit. what century is that from? stone age. really bad code.

*throws into dumpster*
added on the 2014-05-02 03:20:32 by yumeji yumeji
Unity3D is free for everyone!
And i´d actually really like to see a compo with this, haha. It´s damn easy to get into it and i guess making a demo in one day with it should be no problem!
FastCompo plz! ;)


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