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Revision 2014

category: parties [glöplog]
Aren't hotels supposed to be booked through the Revision website to avoid a clusterfuck?
added on the 2013-11-21 21:37:11 by Gargaj Gargaj
Still need to book the flight. Waiting for next month. I'm afraid to book a room I won't use... but I guess sleeping 4 hours on a bed is better than 5 hours at the party.
added on the 2013-11-21 21:49:52 by xernobyl xernobyl
Sometimes booking through the revision website saves you money at least. But of course, things like hotel allotments are fickle things, so your mileage may differ :)
added on the 2013-11-21 22:30:25 by nic0 nic0
What Gargaj said.
added on the 2013-11-21 22:54:21 by franky-- franky--
I want to stay at a hotel close to the partyplace. in a walking (crawling) distance.. so..I should book soon :)
added on the 2013-11-21 23:18:12 by _Chucky_ _Chucky_
j'ai manqué ce communique.
het is te late, hé?

( ;
added on the 2013-11-21 23:19:01 by metoikos metoikos
by Gargaj:
Aren't hotels supposed to be booked through the Revision website to avoid a clusterfuck?

but that leaves out all the nice people who waited while the impatient went and booked :P
Booked Motel One.
added on the 2013-11-22 10:47:44 by faxe faxe
And what about the people who don't want to avoid a clusterfuck?

...I guess there are specialist hotel rooms for that sort of thing.
added on the 2013-11-22 12:25:30 by gasman gasman
those usually charge per hour, tho...
added on the 2013-11-22 12:28:40 by wysiwtf wysiwtf
Mekka ich komme!

BB Image
added on the 2013-11-22 14:19:38 by Exin Exin
Crytsal hotel online booking reports no free rooms. Does that mean the Revision team has reserved rooms to be booked through the Revision site later, or that Crystal is really full already?

That would be interesting to know, whether I should try to book a room in another hotel ASAP or if we all can wait until the Revision site is up. :-)

Looking really forward to Revision, this time armed with a production even...
added on the 2013-11-23 13:00:53 by Kylearan Kylearan
Given the contents of this thread, I'd guess that it's full. The Revision team is working on things, but I recall from this year's Revision that the deals for Hotels and such actually came rather late relative to the main official announcement and website.

If you don't mind being up the hill a little but, there's a Victor's Residenz hotel. It's a bit more expensive than the Crystal, but they do have a nice breakfast that wasn't too busy (not included as part of the room costs, iirc). It is walkable down to E-Werk and back. I did do it a few times (both directions) but if you're slightly out of shape (like me) it's not the most awesome trek. However, still relatively reasonable.
hill a little bit*

(You could call a little hill a butt, but I don't think the hill would like it.)

It's also next to a casino, and I think halfway down the hill there's a park with a lake, as well.
Dudes.. Seriously..
We have never run out of hotel rooms for Revision in the previous years.
We havent even confirmed anything for 2014
So hold your horses.

Else Ill just rent all the rooms at Revision rate and sell them on scenerhotels.com for prizemoney
added on the 2013-11-23 16:08:09 by franky-- franky--
BB Image

The funk is going on here!
added on the 2013-11-24 20:13:59 by D.Fox D.Fox
and seriously - the price of a taxi to a hotel is about 5% of the price of a hotel room. If you cant afford that, your margin is too slim for you to consider a hotel. Stop panicking :)
added on the 2013-11-24 20:21:37 by nic0 nic0


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