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Moleman Digipak

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70 hours left :(
added on the 2013-05-03 11:33:29 by Canopy Canopy
It was a cool idea. But if there is any thought to try it again with grants, I am happy to assist.
What's the point if there's no demand?
added on the 2013-05-03 16:05:37 by Gargaj Gargaj

Well, don't anyone judge Moleman on this, there appears to be an overall move to digital-only (which I dislike, given my irritation with waiting for downloads and filling up hard drives).

Thus is life, I suppose. Let's hope digital culture doesn't turn into disposable culture.

And before you know it, there will be Moleman 3, if on another subject.

But Moleman 2, it did a really good job, and I will keep recommending it to folks.
I personally was hoping MC3 would offer a digital download to owners at some point, but they hasn't.

It would be a matter of finding a service that offers secure 40-50 GB downloads for a reasonable price.. something which probably would've pushed us well beyond our original budget. The way I see it, most people who have that kind of bandwidth for downloading, plus a machine capable of 720p 60fps playback, have or can easily afford a BD player. Otherwise, if you don't mind 30fps, there are HD clips on Youtube thanks to Annikras and others, and you could even make a playlist close to or matching the MC3 playlist. Of course you'd still be missing some exclusives like the NVision seminars.

But, we knew which way the winds were blowing when we made MC3, and as such there will be no Volume 4.. not physically, at least. Jason Scott has contemplated this trend a bit with regard to his existing DVDs and future documentaries, here and here. There will always be collectors out there.. how else would you explain vinyl sales in 2013. :)

FWIW, I did pre-fund a Moleman disc set. Would've go well with the other memorabilia.
added on the 2013-05-03 21:38:58 by phoenix phoenix
I'd class myself as both one of the people who prefers to buy a physical product *and* somebody who thinks disks are dead, and doesn't have a DVD player even any more. I buy CDs, but only to rip and store. If i bought this set, I'd have to rip all the DVDs and convert them to mp4, which would be a pain.

So what are the options for physical distribution, assuming we're not talking about disks? SD cards or similar? That would be fine for me, a nice box with some info and a hard copy of the data.
added on the 2013-05-03 22:52:19 by psonice psonice


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