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Does anyone know the name of this old song? (MP3 included)

category: music [glöplog]
It was around 1995, DOS PC system... Maybe a cracktro... I had recorded this song on cassette and now recovered from my old stereo because I haven't been able to find it anywhere (searched also on my old floppies).

Here the song I've recovered (Song.mp3):

I've spent months searching, but found nothing...
Thanks in advance!!
this song is from an Amiga Trackmo called "Deformation" by Deform.

called "Nelo" by Dr. Cloo/Pic Saint Loup
err...no is from the second part of the demo : "Yu4" by Seq/Deform
GREAT you are my hero.

BTW the song I've recordered was from a cracktro on a DOS PC ad it's slightly different. Maybe it was stealed who knows...


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