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Which demo should I put on my 1080p smartphone to demo to non-sceners?

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Just looking for a few nice videos (preferably 1080p mp4) to show colleagues at work etc.

Andromeda, ASD, Fairlight and all time top ten PC demos are covered, the ones who had videos I could use anyway.

I thought if you knew some more nice demos that would work - they don't have to be typical or massive, just some nice real-time effect to point to and talk about.
added on the 2013-03-08 00:10:55 by Photon Photon
nice way of bragging about your new HTC One or Sony Xperia Z! ;>
added on the 2013-03-08 00:21:24 by wysiwtf wysiwtf
Photon: just check out the YT channel of Annikras:
if there is any possible way to capture a demo in 1080p, he will do and provide it there, in an awesome quality. install a plug-in of your choice to download teh shit and you are there....
added on the 2013-03-08 00:30:05 by Sir Sir
added on the 2013-03-08 01:18:34 by okkie okkie
You mean tablet.
added on the 2013-03-08 01:38:25 by xernobyl xernobyl
SIR: Cool. Well, the problem is always getting it from where it's hosted. (Archive.org had Frameranger in 1920x1080 if someone wants to link it.) I'll check for some way of downloading them. Does capped.tv/demoscene.tv have links to the original files in their HTML somewhere also maybe? Could I nick the lovely chocolate mandelbulb videos that way too?

Right now ASD-Spin and Agenda Circling Forth look very good, like little gems :) Elevated would work well too I think.

And no xernobyl, it's the Xperia Z (5") not Xperia Tablet Z.
added on the 2013-03-08 17:02:23 by Photon Photon
"Andromeda, ASD, Fairlight and all time top ten PC demos are covered"

I think you're good, then. Don't bother showing them any more videos, if you haven't gotten them hooked and visiting pouet by now you're just going to annoy them and look like a weirdo.
added on the 2013-03-08 19:29:26 by cxnull cxnull
Popular demo.
added on the 2013-03-08 19:36:19 by mikron mikron
@Photon. Annikras saves the videos of the demos he has recorded so if you ask him nicely, I'm sure he can provide them for you. :)
added on the 2013-03-08 19:38:29 by Ziphoid Ziphoid
Getting videos off youtube aint too hard...
...there are normally tons of plugins for your browser to choose from. especially for Firefox there are many many video-download-add-ons.
rest is easy then, go to annikras´channel on youtube, as Sir suggested, change resolution to 1080p and hit the download-button coming with your plugin. (some of them video-downloaders even have some settings to automagically download in your desired resolution(1080p), just install some of them and see which works best for you!)
I think you should put in a c-64 emulator and all c-64 demos. They fit in a space smaller than any youtube video of a demo. Then you could demonstrate your friends how useless it is to have a 1080p smartphone.
added on the 2013-03-08 19:44:15 by Mixeri Mixeri
other thread with video-suggestions
and another one
i guess there are even more, but i´m too lazy to continue searching now.
Hah, reading those 2 threads with this installed is a nice experience :D
The main point was getting some _namedropping_ (of demos known to support such resolutions). Some neat crisp eyecandy-with-a-story. Some great ones have had to go to not have to explain artifact-hiding glitch layers.

Currently for PC I'm at the "hm oh yeah, that demo with the diver's mask, and that demo with the hand rising from the sea" and remembering the groups but not the names. Anyway.

And yes, capped.tv has an HQ download link. I've never been there before, I normally avoid video at all costs since I _have_ a PC. Demoscene.tv is swf only or something, so that's out.

Bought a uSD card today, but yeah cxnull it'll end up being maybe 20 videos max.

Thing is, far from all the videos on annikras and capped.tv are 1080p, blown up to 1080p. And then they're not crisp gems anymore.

I have a bunch of demo and 4K niceness now, but if someone feels like namedropping some 64K ones go ahead :)
added on the 2013-03-08 20:18:23 by Photon Photon
Hehe, as it happens that was the first one I thought of, but so far the only one I've grabbed :)
added on the 2013-03-08 23:17:47 by Photon Photon
We've already talked in IRC, but it might be interesting for others too:

Most WebGL demos should run on your phone if you use firefox beta (It's best browser for android mobile imo in terms of WebGL).

Here's another suggestion besides all those mentioned and linked in other threads :)

Oh and for the girls.. Koneko by bitFlavour ;)
added on the 2013-03-09 10:36:09 by anni anni


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