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What is your favorite old game ?

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I feel so old after reading this thread. I remember almost every single game mentioned.. and now have a desire to start playing them instead of studying for my exams.
added on the 2004-12-10 14:08:25 by Preacher Preacher
The (first two) UFO/X-COM games.
added on the 2004-12-10 15:21:56 by K-man K-man
Quake 1 ;P
The Secret of Monkey Island.
Sensible Soccer.
Microprose Soccer.
The Last Ninja.

added on the 2004-12-10 16:12:50 by uns3en_ uns3en_
another world
added on the 2004-12-10 17:07:15 by nula nula
added on the 2004-12-10 17:14:41 by okkie okkie
Okkie: not Knight Rider 2 ? :)
added on the 2004-12-10 17:17:23 by keops keops
Ports of Call
Carrier Command
added on the 2004-12-10 17:23:02 by Zplex Zplex
added on the 2004-12-10 17:47:59 by Frozzy Frozzy
keops: oh, fuck yeah!!!
added on the 2004-12-10 17:52:13 by okkie okkie
Damn, I used to be a total nut for nes/snes RPGs:
-Chronotrigger, Seiken Desentsu II-III, Final Fantasy I-VI, chrysalis, Terranigma, Bahamut Lagoon, etc...

And for PC:
-Loved Civilization I/II/III (II was the best). That was some serious dope ;) Also have some good memories with Comander Keen, and the originical Command and Conquer (the music was amazing).

And I remember a few really old games, but they are too distant in the past (like Oregon Trail, Monkey Island, Indiana Jones, etc...).
added on the 2004-12-10 19:50:40 by Nezbie Nezbie
street fighter 2 turbo
added on the 2004-12-10 21:42:10 by VJmile VJmile
I skiped school for day's when The secret of monkey island came out. That would be 13 years ago :(
added on the 2004-12-10 21:51:04 by NoahR NoahR
* Almost all MicroProse games (X-Com, F1 Grand Prix, Civilization II);

* Almost all Bullfrog games (Theme Park, Hi-Octane, Theme Hospital, Dungeon Keeper I);

* Almost all (old school) Capcom games (Resident Evil, Street Figher II)

* NES-, GameBoy- and SNES-Nintendo games;

* Quake I and Doom;

* Old school 2D point'n'click adventures

added on the 2004-12-10 22:00:28 by freeze freeze
For the gameplay.
The games wich I played million times ! :P

I can't list games wich I played at friends places (the very first computer I saw was an Apple, with a very basic "jet set willy alike" game. Oric, C64 OLALA Impossible mission with the voice ! This racer game on ZX spectrum where you jump and push other on the walls... Until I get my CPC...)

Mattel intellivision console:
.Night hunter

Amstrad CPC 464:
.Dalley thomson decathlon
.Winter games
.Jet set willy & manic miner
.Yie ar kung fu
.Green Beret
.3D grand prix: (the first computer game I played with my first own computer, with a GT65 green monitor :p)

Atari 520 STF:
.Goldrunner (so amazing... fetish =)
.Buggy boy
.Speedball 1
.Super Sprint
.Zack Mc kracken
.Kick off
.Atomix (so cool when getting really complex)

Amiga 500:
.Battle squadron
.Pinball dreams
.Monkey Island 1 & 2
.Stunt car racer
.Shufflepuck cafe
.Turrican 1 & 2
.Another world
.Great courts 2
.Les Voyageurs du Temps (The first shit I run on my Amiga, OLALA my eyes and my ears!!!)

.Pole position 1 & 2 (prepare to qualifaaah!!)
.Double Dragon
.Hang on & Super Hang on
.Dig Dug
.Battle Zone (so fucking rulez)

(Mainly adventure games, but the style disapear :'()
.Day of tentacles ! Maybe the BEST game ever :)
.Indiana Jones fade of Atlantis
.Simon the sorcerer
.PRISONIER OF ICE (short but what a great EXPERIENCE)
.Duke nukem 3D
.Gabriel night
.Sam and max (At the time I was a bit disapointed (began to weird at the end), but with the time I like it much since dosbox, love the humour. Maybe the BEST graphics ever for this kind of game).

- - - - - 8< - - - - EXTRA - - - 8< - - - - - -

So elitah (those kind of game I prefered watching than play it myself, often impressive stuffs, I'm not a good player anyway.):
.Le manoir de Mortevielle
.Blood money
.Sword of Sodan
.Shadow of the beast
.X out & Z out
.James pond 2
.Cauldron CPC
.The way of the exploding fist (so old)

- - - - knj - 8< - - - EXTRA - - - - 8< - - - -
added on the 2004-12-11 08:45:16 by dixan dixan
Tetris, the Mario games, Yoshi, all of the Quakes, R-type (or any other shooter for that matter), Contras, Sonics.. those games are classic
added on the 2004-12-11 10:52:58 by rebootjac rebootjac
gah! Space Quest III, Monkey Island I & II, Police Quest II, Sid Meier's Pirates, F117, Quest for Glory III, Jones in the Fast Lane, Wolf 3D, Doom I, Civ I, Commando, Ghostbusters, Defender of the Crown, more Sid Meier's Pirates, Wing Commander I & II.

...and HARD HAT MAC!
and prince of persia.
Too many. Well, first about games VS scene, lately my small brother got divorced with his girlfriend, so he left her home and came back in the family. This meaned that our room is a mess and he plugged his computer near mine, place is too short. At the same day, I made the crucial mistake to buy a Radeon 9600 pro. And that's because everyday I wake up, everyday I return back from university, I found my big brother playing all new games he have installed in my HD. Oneday, I found both my brothers and a friend with his laptop, networked and playing Serious Sam. IT WAS LIKE A FUCKIN NETCAFE!!! During the first days, I decided to try a lot of games with my new gfx card (after the demos and 3dmarks), I was hooked with UT2004 and Doom3, willing to start Halflife2 too, regardless the motion sickness. My CPC projects have freezed, even my little PC coding experiments with C and SDL just for fun. I am too lazy, and even if I get inspired to start coding again, I can't focus with my brother playing FIFA 2005 in the same table ;P

Then I started playing with DosBox. Technological comparisons of 10+ years in the desk, like my brother playing Need for Speed Underground 2 near me playing Lotus 3. Then, we were both obsessed with RPGs. 2 DosBoxes, Eye of the Beholder 3 VS Lands of Lore and then VS EOB 1 which I finished once again. Unfortunatelly, EOB2 will get me a disk error under DosBox if I try to save my game. Fortunatelly, I can return back to coding..

But yesterday, I downloaded Top100 DOOM WADs and got inspired on building a WAD map again (This time for Doom2). I have to download a new windows editor though. Deu was good for it's time but annoying when I want to allign wall textures or because of some bugs and other reasons. There must be better editors out there. And I have to download Zdoom or Boom for many of the modern WADs (I prefer older WADs which made nasty tricks and supplied beautifull architectures, without changing Doom.exe at all).

I wanted to port some stuff in Freebasic and I also want to finish 1 or 2 planned projects on CPC (which are still small with almost no code), one is almost at 70% but my projects freezed. And what's more crazy is that I got a CPC-Booster+ card from Antitec. If I had at that time all my desk free, I would bring my CPC back from my Altair, connect it to the PC with the Booster and start crossdeveloping and transfering binary code to the CPC. I'd like to try that but now there is no space in the desk :(

That's all about games, life and creativity..
added on the 2004-12-11 12:22:39 by Optimus Optimus
Legend of Blacksilver (C64)
Wasteland (C64)

Both very awesome and very unfamiliar even at they times (around 1988) totally undeserved.
added on the 2004-12-11 13:39:07 by Drago_VOZ Drago_VOZ


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