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Random "work in progress" shots

category: general [glöplog]
I like the composition and the patterns in it
added on the 2013-07-23 19:20:56 by loaderror loaderror
BB Image
added on the 2013-07-25 22:32:37 by leGend leGend
Doing a lot of the 'behind the scenes programming' in my engine YAGEKit, not much visually to see at the moment.

Entity Component System with a Data Orientated Design core, to process lots of geometry contiguously in memory. Just finished notification system, so objects unknown to each other can send messages, leading up to working with the editor and scripting layer with a visual script editor.

BB Image
added on the 2013-07-29 17:01:37 by Yammo Yammo
i accidentally the whole planet
BB Image
added on the 2013-07-30 01:51:54 by Rebb Rebb
Looks good Rebb
added on the 2013-07-30 02:01:12 by Forcer Forcer
Yeah looks promising :)
added on the 2013-08-01 10:48:58 by rez rez
BB Image
Guess what demotool. :)
added on the 2013-08-02 21:45:52 by TomoAlien TomoAlien
Argh... For those who can't see the above pic:
added on the 2013-08-02 21:47:33 by TomoAlien TomoAlien
BB Image

for refleXions

..should have ended up with more cubes and reflection masks in the compo version too .)
added on the 2013-08-04 11:49:44 by deepr deepr
BB Image
added on the 2013-08-07 15:45:30 by deepr deepr
BB Image
added on the 2013-08-07 15:46:28 by deepr deepr
BB Image
added on the 2013-08-07 18:29:03 by visy visy
BB Image
added on the 2013-08-07 18:34:34 by visy visy
deepr: WOW. Totally should have won.
added on the 2013-08-08 13:33:05 by bloodnok bloodnok
Still making gradual progress on the terrain lighting - got some half-arsed indirect illumination going tonight:
BB Image
added on the 2013-08-08 13:35:27 by bloodnok bloodnok
BB Image
added on the 2013-08-08 13:37:30 by bloodnok bloodnok
distant mountains look very nice already!
added on the 2013-08-08 13:59:25 by leGend leGend
Playing with balls and bokeh:

BB Image
added on the 2013-08-08 14:05:39 by Rebb Rebb
Playing with balls... Uhm, yeah. At least they're not touching... ;P
added on the 2013-08-08 14:31:41 by raer raer
deepr: extremely cool material!
added on the 2013-08-08 15:15:00 by pixtur pixtur

BB Image
added on the 2013-08-11 11:39:17 by Premium Premium
although i'm done now
BB Image
added on the 2013-08-12 10:21:52 by CobaltHex CobaltHex
BB Image

I've been writing my first shaders recently, with very little of any graphical programming experience too... well, little programming experience in general.
added on the 2013-08-12 13:09:50 by noby noby
BB Image

A few more days... ;)
added on the 2013-08-12 18:49:45 by Preacher Preacher
BB Image
added on the 2013-08-12 23:19:15 by uncle-x uncle-x


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