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Looking for Pickpocket - End tune by Laxity

category: music [glöplog]

sorry for bothering but I really tried to get it by myself and failed.

I`m looking for a specific song from LAXITY (Thomas E. Petersen) called

PICKPOCKET - End (info says its a Gameboy Tune)

I heard it on kohina yesterday, found it to be one of the greatest GB tunes and therefore would like to have it as mp3 to listen to it anytime....

I tried to google it....fail.

I tried to google a contact address to contact Laxity directly.....fail...

I even don`t know if it is a demotune or from a game...google failed again, found only a demo called pickpocket, but it has nothing to do with the Laxity tunes.

I would be grateful for any help that could be provided, ideally a DL-source/link....thanks in advance!!!


added on the 2012-04-01 10:16:55 by Skyrunner Skyrunner
Tried any of those? Of course it's possible that it was tagged wrongly.

On his site, he doesn't list any gameboy tunes, though, so it could be that Kohina is confusing him with another Laxity, who knows...
@Saga Musix: I listened to all Tunes found with Modland Search, but the one I am looking for was not among them. But it proves that Laxity DID Gameboy tunes. And the fact that there are 2 tunes in Kohinas playlist ("Main" and "End" ) makes me think the tunes are from a GB Game, since he made soundtracks for GB. And I just rechecked, kohina lists that tunes made by Thomas E. Petersen, and not the Kefrens guy.

@Weyland Yutani: No it doesn`t help, like I`ve written above, I came across that demo during my search and its not a Laxity tune in there. :(

Nevertheless, thank you both for even caring about my request!!!

Maybe a description would help further: The tune I am looking for has a similar style like : Last Ninja, Usagi Yojimbo, Ninja (Hubbard)

Anyone else who might have a clue, tip or even the tune? :)
added on the 2012-04-01 14:39:01 by Skyrunner Skyrunner
Register at CSDb and PM him?
added on the 2012-04-01 15:01:19 by ninjadrm ninjadrm

Good point! Didn`t know (sorry) that there is a PM system there. Hope he is still active there.

added on the 2012-04-01 15:20:50 by Skyrunner Skyrunner
or just send him a message on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LaxityMoN
Skyrunner: I previously worked with Thomas, and I dumped the link to this thread on his Facebook wall. Let's see if that brings something ;)
added on the 2012-04-01 15:22:24 by Puryx Puryx
@Weyland Yutani

That`ll do the trick, the FB-Link on the Vibrants site was not working, so I did not pursue that direction. I requested registration at CSDB but that will take some time for them to check my apply.

I wrote him a message via Facebook, I hope he will answer. :)


Thanks a lot!
added on the 2012-04-01 15:55:15 by Skyrunner Skyrunner
To help a little bit, I can confirm he did some Game Boy tune, since I got one of them on chiptune.com -> ftp://ftp.untergrund.net/users/rez/gameboy/laxity-nightmode.zip :)
added on the 2012-04-02 09:43:29 by rez rez
wait.. so.. Laxity/MoN != Laxity/Kefrens!?!? I've been living a lie!
added on the 2012-04-02 11:13:12 by aegis aegis

Thanks, I already came across that one on my search... :)


A misunderstanding? Laxity/Mon (Vibrants) IS NOT Laxity/Kefrens, explicitly mentioned on the Vibrants/Laxity website.


Laxity of Vibrants is not to be confused with Laxity of Kefrens, a coder and composer on the Amiga. Vibrants was never in contact with Kefrens and you will not find any of their material on this web site.

So you didn`t live a lie at all!!! :)
added on the 2012-04-02 20:57:37 by Skyrunner Skyrunner

As far as I remember he did his own player for GB/C - MPlay. MPlay2 was used in few games while MPlay1 was available for everybody. My guess would be that song was one of the demos or comes from a game.

Anyway if someone happens to have MPlay1 sourcecode... I'd like that too. ;)
added on the 2012-04-02 21:15:14 by st_ st_
FUCK, I wrote such a lot that I was logged out and all text gone...FUCK!

@ st_

Great hint, in this demo:

http://www.freeroms.com/roms/gameboy_color/mplay_2_demo_-_china_nostalgia_public _domain.htm

I found an asian style tune by Laxity, but its not the one I`ve heard on kohina, that one was faster and had a crispy beat. But its nice anyway.

I was hoping to find more songs there, because there is a menue, but there only seems to be one song...or I`m too stupid again...

Maybe I just sit on watch on that kohina queque and some day, I spot the right moment to record the tune I`m looking for.

I`ll post it here then.^^

@ puryx (referring to your post in the Revision thread)

Get well soon! :)
added on the 2012-04-02 22:31:02 by Skyrunner Skyrunner
not sure if this is personal for Laxity but he is kinda busy at the moment with some happy family circumstances, so dont take it personally if he doesnt answer very fast :)
added on the 2012-04-02 23:24:57 by nic0 nic0


now he has different things to do than supporting fans I assume! :D

Congratulations to Laxity and his family!!!!

I just liked that song so much when I heard it that I developed some more energy than usual to get it somehow... :)
added on the 2012-04-02 23:34:11 by Skyrunner Skyrunner
Skyrunner: no worries - it's just a cold, hence the Dr. Vodka remark ;)
added on the 2012-04-03 08:45:05 by Puryx Puryx
I`ve got the song I was looking for! :)

Always kept an eye on kohina`s queque and managed to record it. Had to do a little editing because the songs played before/after faded out/in.

Here it is:


A nice asian style chiptune. Reminds me of the Ninja tune by Hubbard. Any idea in which production it is actually used? Never found a trace of that "Pickpocket" production.

And thanks to st_ ! Following his advice I found another asian styled tune by Laxity: (recorded from GB Emulator)

added on the 2012-04-13 16:13:55 by Skyrunner Skyrunner

get.tt showed me this message:

"These files are no longer available as the owner has removed them.

If you want to access the files, contact the owner."

It seems somebody was not pleased that I shared these tunes. To say the least: I did EVERYTHING to contact the owner.

And I don`t understand why he removed the tunes? Old gameboy tunes, released to the public, at least the "China Nostalgia" tune, I don`t even know this "Pickpocket" production for the Gameboy, it was untraceable.

Was it really necessary to have them removed? And without ANY notification to me, telling me that I shouldn`t have uploaded the tunes or something. I`m quite angry about that. Not willing to talk to me , but having the tunes removed. I am really angry. What the fuck! Thats NOT nice.

Great treatment of fans. Great.

added on the 2012-04-14 00:16:05 by Skyrunner Skyrunner
Must have been temporary error because both links work fine here.
added on the 2012-04-14 00:31:21 by Tomoya Tomoya
Goddam it....you are right Tomoya...the links are still up and I have no reason to complain or to be angry....I`m so sorry....
added on the 2012-04-14 00:35:01 by Skyrunner Skyrunner
Still its strange, I can`t access the files with my get.tt account anymore.

Same message...."These files are no longer available as the owner has removed them.

If you want to access the files, contact the owner."

Must be an error or a bug since get.tt is still beta or so...^^

Sorry again Laxity...
added on the 2012-04-14 00:42:00 by Skyrunner Skyrunner
Well...now I can access the files again...I`m an utter idiot! :D

The links again, so that they`re not lost in all my babbling here...

Pickpocket End:


China Nostalgia:


added on the 2012-04-14 00:47:40 by Skyrunner Skyrunner


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