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Idea: Text Mode VJ /Software/ - TMVJ :)

category: offtopic [glöplog]
First I am not coder. I am musician. But I have idea for text mode coders...
What about to code TEXT MODE VJ (TMVJ) software for Windows or Linux as wild compo?

Using Sol TextFX http://sol.gfxile.net/code.html or Libcaca http://caca.zoy.org/wiki/libcaca...

With audio-in signal for visualisations. With JPG,BMP etc (pictures) and AVI or SWF (video) and 3D objects (blender 3D???) as layers...

With GUI like PIKILIPITA SUPERPIKIX http://www.pikilipita.com/superpikix/ ???

BB Image
BB Image
BB Image
BB Image

For slow cheap 1ghz atom,1gb ram, 100gb hdd, 32MB intel gpu netbooks???
PureData pretty much handles this in a nice and fast way.

although on my ideapad-s10 i have problems to let anything run that does complex graphics


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