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Old Atarian Demosceeners make India Rose - A projet to help autism children to communicate

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Hi all,

I am Chuck/Dune, i am here today to ask you to help us in the India Rose Project.

This project is a free application. It uses pictograms, touch screen on Home PC and a voice synthetiser. Autism children choose the pictograms to build a sentence and a synthesys voice tell all the words.

This application is actually in development, we are involved in the Microsoft Imagine Cup Competition and we need your vote to win this conquest and give to our project the best visibility.

Here is a video to explain the main idea:

Here is the link (a short one with the help of bitly):


Not that old Chuck, not that old... ;p

added on the 2011-06-30 20:53:58 by baah baah
That's a great project !
added on the 2011-06-30 21:09:24 by flure flure
Not that old indeed
added on the 2011-06-30 21:16:41 by nytrik nytrik
Was it helpful to you Rowley?
added on the 2011-06-30 22:07:16 by w00t! w00t!
Thumbs up!
added on the 2011-06-30 22:19:56 by Mystra Mystra
A little bit old, still.
added on the 2011-06-30 22:21:36 by zerkman zerkman
Hey thanks for the links Rowley.
Baah, you are so right ... not so old ;-)
Thanks all for your vote, we need your help ;-)
voted, good luck
added on the 2011-07-01 00:18:18 by nosfe nosfe
added on the 2011-07-01 01:05:45 by Exin Exin
Thanks for your help Exin ;-)
Your project is still on #17. Strategies anyone?
added on the 2011-07-01 01:42:17 by Exin Exin
Massive sceeners vote ;-) Hey guys you can vote with your facebook, hotmail and more and more, you can vote with both accounts. ;-)
Voted. Nice project!

As a parent of a child with autism who has gone through this before, I sincerely hope you succeed. Not only because a computer-based pictographic tool is the most efficient, but also because a free one will help those who don't have a lot of money (you would be surprised how much commercial pictographic systems can cost, it's somewhat sad).
added on the 2011-07-01 08:00:07 by trixter trixter
Thanks trixter, yes this project will be free for everyone, and it will be under GPL licence soon. We are demosceeners ;-) there's no other way ;-)
added on the 2011-07-01 10:09:34 by xylo xylo
Thanks xylo, hey come on guys help us ;-)
Hey Chuck ! Voted, of course. I wish you the best of luck with this awesome project !
Hope to see you soon (peut-être aux prochains RSSIL ? :p)
added on the 2011-07-01 13:58:40 by xtrium xtrium
Thanks, and perhaps yes, i will be happy to see you again to talk about some Open Gl tricks watching old demos ;-)
55 votes from Pouet, hey guys, you are the best
We need more, we loose one rank today, we need You, and don't forget to spread this news
Thanks for your support
José aka Chuck/Dune
Was it helpful to you Rowley?

w00t wins.
added on the 2011-07-02 23:04:55 by ringofyre ringofyre
Thank you for voting! Your vote has been confirmed and counted.
added on the 2011-07-03 00:25:17 by samurai samurai
what samurai says + good luck chuck for this very nice project !
added on the 2011-07-03 08:55:05 by HerrV HerrV


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