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Best of Revision 2011 - Saturday, 30th may at 20:00 CET on Radio PARALAX

category: general [glöplog]
There will be a special show about the best music & demo productions from the Easter Party "Revision 2011" in Saarbrücken summarized into a 2 hours show with videostream this saturday. More infos here:



For special requests and feedback, simply use the chat, forum or contact form from our website. :-)
you know, usually multilingual websites let the user choose the language they want. they usually don't just display a confusing mix of english and german.
added on the 2011-04-28 22:41:38 by reed reed
Bin nicht zuhause Schade


added on the 2011-04-28 22:56:20 by dalezy dalezy
will try to listen if i got the time
Ooh - a chance to hear my entry for 32k executable newschool without strange studdering from an exhausted buffer and a CPU not able to fill it fast enough :-D

Will definately try to make it!
added on the 2011-04-29 18:02:24 by Punqtured Punqtured
why 20:00 CET? are you sure you don't mean CEST? and if you don't, why don't you simply use UTC?
You're right. I forgot the summer time, so it's CEST naturally.

Unfortunately we've no technical capabilities for 2 seperate languages, so our website is mainly german with english "hover links" and news. The Facebook-Page is 100% english news. Due to limited show time, there are only some tracks from "streaming music" compo and only one track from "newschool executable". If you want to preview your track nevertheless, just contact us via contact form and send it as attachment. :-)
If there's only room for one newschool executable entry, I'd definately go for Gargaj's entry. It has so many details that were completely inaudible during the compo. That - and the fact that it won ;)
added on the 2011-04-30 01:18:22 by Punqtured Punqtured


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