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Capture demo to HD video

category: code [glöplog]
Hi there!

What would be your own suggestion or choice for capturing a PC demo to high res video?

I know Kkapture but after seing the seminar from Breakpoint it seems that it doesn´t work very well for .net productions and we have had little success for the same reason.

Any recommendations or suggestions or just a kick in the right direction?

We have tried standard "fraps" but the quality on both visual and audio is terrible.

All help is much appreciated.

Best regards,
added on the 2011-04-26 16:07:38 by Dylte Dylte
plug in your own frame dumper and encode the uncompressed video
added on the 2011-04-26 17:05:16 by rmeht rmeht
Any suggestions for plugins?
added on the 2011-04-26 17:15:13 by Dylte Dylte
Plugins? Grab screen content, write Bitmap file. Done.
Get an HDMI video recorder. Plug it to your graphics card. Done.
added on the 2011-04-26 18:41:11 by xernobyl xernobyl
Cool. got it!

Thank you :)
added on the 2011-04-26 20:48:24 by Dylte Dylte


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