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Japan earthquake

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No, we are all SIBLINGS, you sexist pig.

There is no girl on the internet.
tomohiro: thanks. We'll try phoning this weekend (didn't want to make the phone lines any busier before!) Most likely she's just busy with something, or possibly in hospital (she has some ongoing health problems) and didn't get the email yet.
added on the 2011-03-17 12:34:41 by psonice psonice
Let's make a demo for Japan and a PayPal-Account for donating. Everyone who donates gets a greeting in the demo.
added on the 2011-03-17 15:41:12 by cryer cryer
We heard from our friend in Osaka today. She's fine and unaffected :)
added on the 2011-03-17 20:18:12 by psonice psonice
@ button - here, here and here. & these are all just this week. Let's see how we (Australia) fares turning our backs on the problem?
I'm not suggesting I have a viable solution but putting people in prison (whatever you call it) when all they are seeking is freedom clearly doesn't work.
On a lighter note - if you get the chance watch "Lucky Miles", fucking funny.
added on the 2011-03-17 22:13:00 by ringofyre ringofyre
Japan's "peace-keeping" department is quite serious:
BB Image
added on the 2011-03-17 22:53:07 by jhae jhae
the socialism is strong is this thread.
added on the 2011-03-18 09:21:52 by mrp- mrp-
added on the 2011-03-18 09:22:01 by mrp- mrp-
We saw this coming already in 2008:

BB Image
added on the 2011-03-18 10:35:56 by suckho suckho
PS. Angry birds were there already in the original at http://i.imgur.com/C930f.jpg
added on the 2011-03-18 10:37:39 by suckho suckho
tomohiro: good news besides all the evil.

i need your email adress bro...please send me your contact data at docd@trsi.de
added on the 2011-03-18 13:05:42 by _docd^hjb _docd^hjb
I sent email to your email address.
added on the 2011-03-18 16:08:58 by tomohiro tomohiro


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