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Demoscener DJ sets

category: music [glöplog]
ziphoid, so it's not like it's a principle question about not being allowed to play BIEM tracks or anything like that? in that case, i'll pass you a set soon! =)
added on the 2013-07-29 13:13:07 by dipswitch dipswitch
@DJ Arvy: Your mixes are now included in the reLive archive and are fully playable in all clients. :)
added on the 2013-07-30 16:30:06 by Ziphoid Ziphoid
@ziphoid: If you find the recordings, I'll get you a set-list :) It was more or less made up on the spot.
added on the 2013-07-30 22:26:30 by gloom gloom
"The MP3 Salinga put up unfortunately has a lot of cuts and missing bits"

No. One single fucking cut in the music. Because during that part Scenesat dropped the transmission. But if you like that better...
added on the 2013-08-03 17:26:55 by Salinga Salinga
Salinga: I wasn't blaming you, I just said that the MP3 that you uploaded wasn't the set I played. Also: I use the term "cut in the music" to describe "edits where music is missing" - it doesn't really matter if it goes quiet / has jazz instead / is abruptly cut together with a different song later in the set -- it all amounts to the same thing. :)

Hopefully Ziphoid can stitch it all back together though!
added on the 2013-08-03 23:09:47 by gloom gloom

For OldSkool-Amiga-Mod-Lovers: Made a new Mixtape; hope you enjoy
added on the 2013-08-21 00:28:49 by Triace Triace
Here's a proper one-take re-recording of my late night set at Evoke 2013.

Evoke 2013 - 'Ardcore With A Heart
added on the 2013-08-21 19:51:49 by d0DgE d0DgE
d0DgE: s'hehrt siich d'r Gung itze mo ah - bi schu finfehzwansich Minudn nei - s'geil suhweid :D

Don't read the above, just click d0DgEs link ;)
added on the 2013-08-21 21:40:26 by mog mog
Woot! Just found this on my FTP! Done it a few years ago, a mix of C64 and Amiga remixes.


I'll get a cue sheet sorted for it soon.
added on the 2013-09-12 11:14:40 by djh0ffman djh0ffman
You even opened a topic about it! Be sure to post both dl and cue links in there as well!
added on the 2013-09-12 11:16:29 by Tomoya Tomoya
ahh yeah i remember! Thats when I used rapidmare!
added on the 2013-09-12 11:53:28 by djh0ffman djh0ffman
i was bored so i mixed some music for some people in an irc channel https://soundcloud.com/martin-jernberg-1/bittin-awesomecougars-livemix
OK here it is my little set at le TRSACrebleu in almost full intended length without interuptions, freshly re-recorded at home.
Le Mix de TRSACrebleu 2013
added on the 2013-10-24 22:50:19 by d0DgE d0DgE
*needle drop sound* Ah, must be a d0DgE set <3
Proper stuff mate :D
added on the 2013-10-24 22:51:53 by mog mog
New mix with absolutely no mods or demo soundtracks, but some silly and cheesy disco-ish house instead: Gnu Indy
added on the 2013-10-25 11:55:20 by break break
A new mix by OvrWatch - https://soundcloud.com/ovrwatch/syynimaa-mixtape-vol-2
Mostly techno.
added on the 2013-11-02 15:20:54 by leGend leGend
Since this thread was bumped..:


You should check that out if you like the bit harder stuff.
added on the 2013-11-02 20:37:10 by glxblt glxblt
Happy Chiptunes in the Mix:
Youtube me beautiful
Soundcloud me beautiful
added on the 2013-11-03 08:55:34 by Triace Triace
http://www.soundcloud.com/r_etzold since i kind of used to be some sort of scener
added on the 2013-11-03 11:20:31 by orange orange


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