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Benoît Mandelbrot

category: general [glöplog]
That's kind of depressing news. More depressing was the fact that the people I was with when I heard this had never heard of mandelbrot :(
added on the 2010-10-17 00:06:30 by psonice psonice
Rest in peace, in an ever lasting zoom.
added on the 2010-10-17 00:24:32 by Frequent Frequent
When the guys and gals from [d]vision were preparing the Realtime Generation exhibition in Vienna, they had plans to invite Mandelbrot as a special guest to deliver a speech. In the end it didn't work out though. Now it won't ever happen.
added on the 2010-10-17 13:56:40 by Adok Adok
RIP :(
added on the 2010-10-17 16:21:52 by faraday faraday
I liked this tribute.
added on the 2010-10-17 20:20:02 by xeron xeron
added on the 2010-10-17 21:51:39 by numtek numtek
added on the 2010-10-17 22:26:22 by baah baah
BB Image
added on the 2010-10-18 00:30:13 by numtek numtek
BB Image
added on the 2010-10-18 01:14:30 by bdk bdk
I met Monsieur Mandelbrot a few times (even gave a lecture with him!); he was smart as hell, and had a whole life of stories to tell. He was very conscious of his relevance for maths and philosophy. Besides, his work influenced (and will continue doing) a massive amount of people, from professional mathematicians to computer hobbyist kids as we are/were. In fact, I can tell that my life branched towards computer graphics, without further possibility of recovery, when I rendered my first Mandelbrot set when I was a boy. So was for many other demosceners around here. Thanks so much Benoit Mandelbrot!
added on the 2010-10-18 23:37:13 by iq iq
In memoriam Mandelbrot there will be a 'fractal party' in Vienna's Metalab tomorrow!

For appropriate visuals I'm looking for old/newskool demos/intros with fractal(-like) effects.

If it was your saying, which productions shall be selected?

Some quick suggestions for myself:
Noumenon by Andromeda
Stargazer by Orb & Andromeda
Rex polyhedron by the silents
Antifact by Limp Ninja (if I can capture it)
Mandelkern by Teraflop
Untraceable by tbc
Mandelduck by b00lduck
Futurism by Still
added on the 2010-10-22 11:30:26 by Paralax Paralax
Please, Doomsday and Complex.
added on the 2010-10-22 12:00:28 by kusma kusma
kusma: that's great input, thanks man! :)
added on the 2010-10-22 12:41:06 by Paralax Paralax
mindflow for somewhat oldskool
added on the 2010-10-22 12:47:01 by Psycho Psycho
a perfect circle - my favorite zoomer is in there
added on the 2010-10-22 15:09:08 by Gargaj Gargaj
just a fractal in 126 bytes, old stuff: Pandelbrot
added on the 2010-10-23 13:22:31 by pan pan
added on the 2010-10-23 23:56:30 by front243 front243
realtime mandelbrot-ish rotozoomer on Atari Falcon030 : FUN & Sector One Meeting Intro
added on the 2010-10-24 14:30:57 by zerkman zerkman
Thanks for all the suggestions. You rock!
added on the 2010-10-24 15:35:31 by Paralax Paralax
An obituary in the economist.
added on the 2010-10-27 10:31:32 by Hyde Hyde


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