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category: general [glöplog]
hi. i am reletevly new to the .scene 'indrestry'. i have made games before but not demos.im 14. i like fr-X. i would make a demo/intro but i dont have the slightedt cloo of what to mak it 'bout.
any thaughts?
added on the 2001-12-02 12:18:11 by hlusnagen hlusnagen
learn orthograph. that helps a lot for coding.
added on the 2001-12-02 17:20:51 by _-_-__ _-_-__
whats that?
added on the 2001-12-02 20:19:54 by hlusnagen hlusnagen
bwhahahaha :)
added on the 2001-12-02 20:38:00 by elric elric
Well, start simple (:

There are a LOT of good articles in diskmags from the past years on how to code under Windows in assembly; how to code demos in directX and OpenGL, and under Linsux.

But the main thing to do is START, then CONTINUE until YOU are happy with it, then START AGAIN. Do NOT worry about how it looks to others until you are comfortable with YOUR abilities. Get inspiration from other productions, watch for things you can try to duplicate in effects from real life/tv/movies...
wel.... i already know how to code with dx
added on the 2001-12-02 22:35:52 by hlusnagen hlusnagen
heres the bigy: i am a good grafiks programer! i knoe all the pixel shaded-bump maped-key animation... stuff. all i need is an idea now. a good idea too. the idea has to be very high in detail (ex: the program loads... a blue screen apears... routates around some geo... music is funky).
added on the 2001-12-02 23:55:11 by hlusnagen hlusnagen
is this a joke ?
added on the 2001-12-03 00:43:04 by bruce bruce
no... never mind. this isnt a joke, just fuck it :)
added on the 2001-12-03 01:34:36 by hlusnagen hlusnagen
ok, so you're 14 years old. you know directx. you know all the pixelshader-operations. and yet you have no clue on how to do a demo/intro?

either you're not telling the truth or i dont understand you.
stupid kids, always think they are intelligent when they can code some crappy shit. ohwell i was like that too ..
added on the 2001-12-03 09:10:23 by bruce bruce
the best way to learn how to make a good demo is by watching them. and coders should also think how they have been done.
added on the 2001-12-03 18:56:04 by raymon raymon
This thread is phunny! Thumbs up hlusnagen =)

(..but I didn't gave any usefull answer, ok I know ;)
added on the 2001-12-03 19:40:20 by Optimonk Optimonk
Where is my thumb??? (I hope it works now. Sorrrryyyy :)
<img src="http://www.pouet.net/gfx/rulez.gif">
added on the 2001-12-03 19:41:08 by Optimonk Optimonk
Damn! Ok,. forget it :P
added on the 2001-12-03 19:41:27 by Optimonk Optimonk
I finally found it,. it's down where it says BB Code...
BB Image
added on the 2001-12-03 19:43:56 by Optimonk Optimonk
this one's for you, optimus
BB Image
added on the 2001-12-03 20:02:52 by reed reed
hey (back from schoolBB Image)... tha thing is, its taht i dont know how to design one.... ohh wait when i was at school i thaught of somthing 'cool'. dont need any help anymore. unless some tips.
added on the 2001-12-03 21:57:00 by hlusnagen hlusnagen
that thread is a joke.

hey dude, if you're a good graphic programmer, then try to become a good english writter first, then read some books, watch some artbooks, watch some demos/games/movies, and then think by yourself about what you wanna do in your demo.

Or you can try to find an artist that will make it all for you, and will manage the creation part.
added on the 2001-12-04 01:08:45 by tuo tuo
why do you think that i need to 'become a good english writer first?
added on the 2001-12-04 01:15:23 by hlusnagen hlusnagen
that's quite easier to be understood by everyone :)
added on the 2001-12-04 02:39:12 by tuo tuo
i dont get it?
added on the 2001-12-04 03:05:52 by hlusnagen hlusnagen
"i don't get it?"

That was a question, not a response. It should have been "I don't get it."

Nevermind, but you should learn to either improve your English, typing, or translation skills (if you need them). It makes what you are trying to say much clearer to those who are trying to help you.

Good luck with your production.
hlusnagen, are you by any chance russian?
added on the 2001-12-04 08:37:53 by bhead bhead
BB Image
Mærry CxHristmAs
added on the 2001-12-04 08:41:25 by bizken bizken


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