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New Net-2EP by Mad/Still (aka Kosmonaut) out at iD.EOLOGY

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On iD.EOLOGY Mad/Still a.k.a. Kosmonaut released his new Double-EP called Photon for free. The Release features also the soundtrack of the Passing Demo by Still called "Distanz".

Side A: Dubstep

01 - Distanz
02 - Fluxosphere
03 - Phesa
04 - Relais
05 - Sol
06 - Model

Side B: Drum 'n' Bass

01 - Artemise
02 - Cuse
03 - Anthala (feat. Laurie Webb)
04 - Opcode
05 - Flowers
06 - Slicrom

get the release here. Enjoy! :)
added on the 2010-02-16 19:52:53 by RaCkLeR! RaCkLeR!
i guess that is the wrong place to submit those stuffs.. but since rackler is one founder of the demogroup lego and some very old scenefellow.. and me is in the demoscene for quite a longtime now.. i hope that's ok.. gargaj could delete this post if it's toooooo offtopic.. hope it's quite ok since other like paniq also do adverts here from time to time.. btw: hi paniq!
added on the 2010-02-16 20:22:30 by mad mad
"Too off topic"? Dude, have you SEEN 95% of the threads here? :)
added on the 2010-02-16 20:37:46 by gloom gloom
Woo! Will download now, Amorphusion from Frames EP kicks serious amount of ass. <3
added on the 2010-02-16 20:44:57 by Tomoya Tomoya
the music is way cool as usual from the bauknecht and still stuff, and Distanz is included so I'm happy ;)

no wait, if I could get my hands on the Trocken and Fern soundtracks I'm a even happier happy camper :)
added on the 2010-02-16 22:25:34 by psenough psenough
rackler: thx for the news and best of luck with iD.EOLOGY! we should get in touch again some time (..remember the endless phonecalls back in the ancient days?:) Bastian here, btw..)

mad: you only say that because that are -your- tracks :) (my fav ones for today are "Phesa" and "Cuse" btw..). and yay, good ole lego times.....!!

plus what gloom said XD
added on the 2010-02-17 00:10:01 by xyz xyz
The link to "ftp://ftp.scene.org/pub/music/groups/ideology/id058a_05_-_kosmonaut-sol.og g" on your website does not match the actual file (but can be found at scene.org by looking at the directory index).
Besides, nice tunes - listening them now =)
added on the 2010-02-17 00:44:40 by T$ T$
sounding great!!
added on the 2010-02-17 01:32:07 by psenough psenough
let me pouetize this very cool thread for ya:

BB Image

(well, I was really searching for a "bouncing dragon ball" screenshot .. oh memories) peace y'all!
added on the 2010-02-17 02:34:00 by xyz xyz
With Noerror out, it's definitely worth posting about music releases (demoscene-related at least) here. Nice double-EP, thanks!
added on the 2010-02-17 02:39:39 by phoenix phoenix
phoenix: noerror had like 5% demoscene related posts, and usually not very easy to distinguish. most demoscene related netaudio stuff usually gets announced through bitfellas more or less.. even though it's not that much of recommendation source so to speak, too centered on the same people for my taste in diversity atleast. eitherway RIP noerror, it'll be missed.
added on the 2010-02-17 12:23:36 by psenough psenough
/me likes :)
ACE! I almost like every track.
added on the 2010-02-17 17:01:30 by Cj Cj
On his superluminal trips through the electromusical universe Kosmonaut had plenty of opportunities to delve deeply into the nature of light, and enough inspiration to record his findings in the universal language of music.

those commentaries at ideology are always so ridiculous they make me cry.

cool ep btw :)
added on the 2010-02-18 08:20:50 by skrebbel skrebbel
no wait, if I could get my hands on the Trocken and Fern soundtracks I'm a even happier happy camper :)

In http://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=16352&page=0, pixtur writes:
To extract the music you need to edit the demo.cfg and change "extractContainer false" into true.

AFAIK, Fern is using the same engine, so you may get lucky there using the same trick. Just guessing, though =)
added on the 2010-02-18 20:36:43 by dojoe dojoe


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