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The Silents is dead

category: general [glöplog]
Just saw it in a post from Laxical in a board... sad news indeed.
Thank you for everything guys. I hope you'll come back.
added on the 2003-09-02 00:02:19 by EviL EviL
added on the 2003-09-02 00:05:46 by Stv Stv
Topic in channel : -> #thesilents *** Silents - R.I.P *** Channel will stay open - Stay here ! <-

(btw the board was shellboxes run by saL-onE)
added on the 2003-09-02 00:09:15 by EviL EviL
very sad news... one of the few "reborn" groups with REAL potential.... R.I.P.
added on the 2003-09-02 00:13:11 by dipswitch dipswitch
So long, TSL ...

one day, the dying bird will rise again !
added on the 2003-09-02 00:37:08 by kohai kohai
so fuckin' sad! :-(
added on the 2003-09-02 01:12:05 by ekoli ekoli
long live the silents
added on the 2003-09-02 01:26:31 by psenough psenough
Who bringeth such melancholic news? Dark clouds shalt hangeth in the sky and cloak the world in shadow upon this mournful day. Doth they awake to bringeth joy into thine heart or shalt The Silents be forever silent?
added on the 2003-09-02 05:54:48 by Tongue Tongue
'Tis a tragedy I declare! I bid thee well in thine pursuits from this day forth.

added on the 2003-09-02 05:56:29 by Tongue Tongue
TSL R.I.P ;( -when words are not enough Thanks for all!! u rule!
added on the 2003-09-02 06:19:23 by NuKem NuKem
yeah they had great potential.. they acctually managed to scramble up to hurried productions where fairlight stood for 3d and code afaik? :)
added on the 2003-09-02 07:12:48 by Hatikvah Hatikvah
added on the 2003-09-02 07:46:16 by dipswitch dipswitch
It doesn't touch me :P
added on the 2003-09-02 09:47:33 by Optimus Optimus
Look at the bright side, maybe some people will start releasing oldskool intros and stuff under the TSL label, like with Razor 1911... Erm, I did say bright side, didn't I?... :)
added on the 2003-09-02 10:16:37 by Scali Scali
dying seems to be quite hip these days...
anyway, haujobb and fairlight failed at dying and tsl won´t succeed either ;)
added on the 2003-09-02 11:53:39 by fiver2^fB fiver2^fB
I am planning to die too sometimes. Or what I thought about demoscene will die from my head, or I just want to get a life and search for an excuse anyways ;) But, this is really the reason why it doesn't touch me at all. I only don't know if I will be able to let myself die away of the scene. Most people say that they retire but that shows to be a big lie at the end. :P
added on the 2003-09-02 12:06:23 by Optimus Optimus
fiver2: they had a very hard time coming back last time.. (if they ever did?)
added on the 2003-09-02 12:26:01 by Hatikvah Hatikvah
sure, people who don't give a fuck will obviously have to reply at least twice.

and about silents, it's better to have a dead legend than a broken dream. so i guess this is a wise decision.
added on the 2003-09-02 12:40:54 by havoc havoc
"you can stop killing people in vietnam, but you can never sotp being an american" ... hmm.. that must be the most ontopic post here today. hurray for me!

lets kill some yellow people!
added on the 2003-09-02 12:42:29 by Hatikvah Hatikvah
The Silents has restarted quite many times with only new members now? :) If you think that the original guys from The Silents started the game company Digital Illusions in the beginning of 90's :D
added on the 2003-09-02 13:10:21 by D Vibe D Vibe
More dead legends. Seems like a lot of big names have died this year, but few are able to stay dead...

Perhaps the scene wants to die, but we just won't let it.

I'm putting money on farbrausch dying next :)
added on the 2003-09-02 13:14:44 by psonice psonice
this news actually make me a bit sad :(
added on the 2003-09-02 13:15:02 by dairos dairos
So what? maybe that will make room for new crews in the spotlight, rather than old dying behemoths that once in a while reoccour.

If their dead. R.I.P (again, again) if not, well looking forward to releases.
added on the 2003-09-02 13:15:47 by NoahR NoahR
If farbrausch die, perhaps I will be touched, even in future times I might have no connection to the scene.
added on the 2003-09-02 13:43:38 by Optimus Optimus
Why disband old, legendary labels?
added on the 2003-09-02 13:49:35 by tomcat tomcat


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