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Come to Massachusetts, get teabagged: New info on @party site!

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After all, the Boston tea party was more about teabags than teapots, considering what got dumped into Boston harbor . . . and teapots are so done anyway, huh? ( ;
Some of our onsite compo winners may get some very tea related trophies, that's all we have to say.

@party will take place from June 18-20, 2009, at Friendly Crossways Hostel and Retreat Center in Harvard, Massachusetts. Our registration form will be online by November 1, 2009.

Remote entries will be very welcome (we understand that it may be difficult for many eurofellas to come over and we very much want involvement from sceners who are far away in any case) and will have more info about that up soon. The actual invite demo should go out sometime between now and February.

The site is convenient to the intersection of Rte. 2 and I-495 and is about a 45 minute drive west of Boston, close to the Littleton/495 MBTA Fitchburg line commuter rail stop. You can book an airport shuttle to come to the site, but we will also be doing our best to arrange or facilitate shuttle or rideshare from the commuter rail station and airport, or between groups coming from the same region to the party via car. The site itself is a classic old fashioned New England farmhouse and converted barn, with some double and single rooms (every bed has a homemade patchwork quilt on it!), two bunkhouses and a bunch of other rooms (mostly doubles), a big dining hall, a meeting room upstairs and another in the basement that has a pingpong table, a big field alongside for soccer and stargazing, two lines of power so we can have a dedicated one, internet access, a firepit, plenty of parking, and genuine New England country food available onsite (there's other options offsite 4-6 miles away, like Subway and McDonalds, if folks prefer, but the onsite meals are great and costs are very reasonable). We'll be going back for another site visit to take pictures in November, and will also post some additional details about the site then.

The lawn at the hostel (as mentioned) is excellent for stargazing. Perhaps some time gazing up with star maps will pique folks' interest . . . We are also considering doing a group trip to the nearby <a href="http://www.decordova.org/art/park/">deCordova Museum and Sculpture Park</a> on Sunday afternoon after we leave the site if there is sufficient interest (you only need about three to four hours to see the whole museum). As certain members of the scene who have seen it ;) can testify, it is cool. One onlooker swore he saw <a href="http://www.decordova.org/decordova/sculp_park/rees.htm">this</a> in an mfx demo (although I may be misquoting here).

We'll have a Facebook page up sometime soon, for folks who are into that sort of thing.

If you're interested and haven't already, please do express interest and give us feedback in <a href="http://tinyurl.com/ATparty-interest">our survey </a>.

Come to Massachusetts, get teabagged! : P


sorry, couldnt resist :p
metoikos: You're going about advertising for your party in the wrong way - sort of makes it hard to try to help you out. :)
added on the 2009-10-12 19:30:28 by gloom gloom
Yeah everything is really nice, not 100% on the who get tea-bagged thing however
added on the 2009-10-12 20:18:25 by sigflup sigflup
Sounds like an awesome party-place :-)
added on the 2009-10-13 22:55:07 by Nezbie Nezbie
"@party will take place from June 18-20, 2009"

Oh, the party didn't even start before it was over.
added on the 2009-10-14 12:47:54 by mrp- mrp-
June 18-20, 2010, rather. Monday was a very long day . . . *wry*


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