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mainparty hugescreen question

category: general [glöplog]
gloom: fuck off
added on the 2009-09-06 15:53:40 by psenough psenough
Gloom : i dont get it :-)
First we thought too just allow exe files, which gonna be captured, but we wanted to give the chance to more people to release something for this unique piece of "roof" .... so we also allowed animations.

PS : well the specs of the screen are the specs, and we can only send live-signals direct to the HD area, i guess for us they wont change that :) And we project the stream ( which we send by internet for those who cannot made it to the partyplace - or dont like 22 degrees average in october :-) - into the HD area, so visitors can almost see every prod on the hugescreen.
added on the 2009-09-06 17:26:51 by _H2o_ _H2o_
Thanks a los h2o!!!

the specs are the specs!! those who does not have what they should have to make a demo on that res, please stay away! :D
added on the 2009-09-07 23:08:06 by xphere xphere


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