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Benefits of being PhD?

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Where are all these gods supposed to have come from originally anyway?

From a collider experiment that went terribly wrong!
added on the 2009-06-25 17:56:36 by Rob Rob
What about taking a weekend of the behaving like religous zealots thread and come and visit us in the royale capital of non-retards ;)
Or rather short stop there and then of to our renovation site in Uppsala where we could check out the fallic trinity at the religious center of the city.


Btwn do you still have the same phonenumber as when you gave us the guided tour of copenhaguen?
added on the 2009-06-25 20:18:24 by wix wix
eebliss, this drug thing was an offshoot really. Drug bans have nothing to do with scientific research infrastructure. Given your fave drugs were legal, they would be manufactured in regular labs, those that follow the rules. I doubt that garage lsd scientists stepped on their murky path because they wanted to make a point about chemical safety regulations :) So if you want to legalize some drugs, you're fine with me, but that goes to a different bbs topic...

As for the NGOs, I understand your concerns, but you have just demonstrated that you are able to select which ones you don't trust. After that, there's no point saying that you can't make your decisions ;)
added on the 2009-06-25 23:10:27 by Ger Ger
weeeeee and more and more it starts to look like im gonna do one.. *excited*
benefit is FART
Wix, yeah, same number. feel free to use it if you come by CpH again. It was a nice day we had there, and I havent forgotten the offer. But it is not likely im going to sweden just to go there...ITS SWEDEN!!! :p

Ger..fair enough, there is a legal side to that. One of the people that came to mind is Alexander Shulgin. I have a freind who went to an LSD symposium in swtzerland when old man Hoffmann turned 100. Alex said he got formulas and drug variations all the time, send to him from all over the world from people in their basements who just came up with some new synthsis of MDMA or similar. I thought it was pretty incredible and couldnt help but think how many drugs out there came into being in someons kitchen, inspired by the ban itself.

on NGO's well that is the point. It wasnt exactly easy to find out about those two, and i would call it random luck more than interrested research. I think the time spend trying to figure out which is which could be just aswell used on doing my own experiements with kavalatones. I understand the argument if people have a personal interrest in high powered explosives, sure enough, a neighbour like that would strain our freindship sooner or later. But I am not even going to use alcohol for extraction, I think the most potent thing I would need is a vacuum chamber really?! ...no, the law preventing me from taking in kava root is actual agricultural. No importy strange plants that may grow here and fuck up our eco system...thank you.

I guess it is reasonable enough alltogether (if overprotective), but it only helps to strengthen science as a cult which claims you have little chance of verifying and has to take on faith alone, and when this faith is constantly broken by assholes who should not call themself scientists but spin doctors with a more hands on approach...well it is a problem isnt it?

In the case of Kava, those who can import the root are lying, and their reseach is biased as hell. They alway set out to PROVE the hepatotoxicity of kava, in stead of just setting out trying to figure out what it can possible do. independents in Scotland did and found that it may cure cancer (Kava compounds inhibited the activation of a nuclear factor that led to the growth of cancer cells)......

I was just impressed with it as a mild mood altering substance for dealing with light to mid depression, people who have smoked to much weed, Extacy casualties, I think it would do all these people well since it rebuilds the seretonin supplies in the brain rapidly. Well so are big pharamaceuticals, their problem is that the plant turns unpredictable and sometimes toxic when they mess with it and there is no future for them in selling a weed that tastes like old socks...another miracle weed kept down by jaded science. what are we to do, who are we to trust in an invironment like this where everybody and their dog is for sale for petty gain?

It seems to me that the science most jaded is the one that hurts us the most. I mean at the end of the day, what does it matter to our life here and now where we came from? (although not even this branch of science has been without its share of forgeries meant to sway oppinion) . It is mostly present in the science revolving around stuff we eat, breathe and drink. The people at Cern are properbly doing exactly what they are saying they are doing, I am less sure about the people who tell me that aspartame and fluoride is meant for consumption and not a paint thinner and a dangerous sideproduct from producing metals and alloys, because these are the same people who tell me that kavalactones are hepatotoxic and I know that is a bold LIE! They are the same people who keeps saying that cannabis is ever so dangerous which is...a LIE! and I could go on....The short of all this is:

"Science requires faith in excatly the same way a religion does, and your way of discovering if you are being told the truth is to become a priest yourself and indoctrinated in the arcane of whichever priesthood you may by interrested in learning about. Something that the devout followers will tell you with certainty, even those who could not tell their own ass from their elbow will parrot this blindly, trusting that they have not been mislead or ever will be for the petty gain of others.....boy, dont drink the coolaide (it has fucking aspartame and fuoride in it!!!)"

Now...the weather is fine today, ill be at Christiania if anyone needs me, laters
added on the 2009-06-26 09:51:23 by NoahR NoahR


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