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Return of low-res-modes for NVidia Users!

category: general [glöplog]
The v185 driver release brings back the low-res-modes (<640x480) for all pre-gt200 cards. Finally we can watch a lot of classic windows demos again!

For the new list of supported modes see page 42+ here

For the old crappy mode list see page 50+ here

BTW: Fuckings to NVidia for >1 year without so many classic demos!
added on the 2009-05-30 12:05:15 by RufUsul RufUsul
now to find some monitors / beamers that support those modes!
added on the 2009-05-30 12:07:55 by Gargaj Gargaj
no problem with that - if your TFT is connected via DVI you should be able to switch to "NVIDIA scaling" or even "NVIDIA scaling with fixed-aspect ratio" and everything is fine!
added on the 2009-05-30 12:38:37 by RufUsul RufUsul
i bet someone just disabled the whole block for that lowres modes in the driver source and they simply didnt notice it for quite a year ;)
added on the 2009-05-30 15:16:46 by supah supah
fuckings to nvidia for not releasing their chip-specs.
added on the 2009-05-30 17:23:24 by sigflup sigflup
just plain fuckings to nVidia.
added on the 2009-05-30 17:24:45 by trc_wm trc_wm
fkins to nvidia for trying to kill the oldskool!
added on the 2009-05-30 18:30:17 by button button
well ATI is busy killing the newschool so....
added on the 2009-05-30 19:02:48 by thec thec
what sigflup said.
oh and fuckings to AMD as well regarding same subject.
added on the 2009-05-30 20:02:05 by LiraNuna LiraNuna
*ARGH* in the following drivers the low-res-modes got disabled for all geforce cards (not only the pre-gt200).

Release Notes: v190.38 v190.62 v191.07 v195.62

I tested one of them and was not able to add one of the low-res-modes manually :-(

added on the 2009-11-29 14:29:02 by RufUsul RufUsul
i wish they'd disable textmode :P
added on the 2009-11-29 14:40:31 by havoc havoc
I resent all of you sending fuckings to nVidia, they've done loads for the scene.
added on the 2009-11-29 15:04:57 by rc55 rc55
Fuckings to the nvidia glsl compiler too, I hold that personally responsible for all the broken-on-ati demos! :)
added on the 2009-11-29 15:35:53 by psonice psonice
rc55, well why don't you just MARRY THEM then
Unfortunately newest drivers for 9650M GT have been causing artifacts for over a half year.
added on the 2009-11-29 17:17:15 by MuffinHop MuffinHop
psonice: agreed.
added on the 2009-11-29 17:34:00 by Claw Claw
Fuckings to ATI for having their driver CRASH more often than bearable! I dream of a company with a team like nVidia's driver team and another team like AMD's hardware team competing against BOTH of them.
added on the 2009-11-29 18:19:17 by xTr1m xTr1m


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