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Best demo/intro soundtrack ever

category: general [glöplog]
My all time favorite demos are:

CNCD/Orange: CNCD vs. Orange
Robotnik by Rage (though some scenes suffer from a little roundoff... still a favourite)
added on the 2003-08-04 01:14:22 by emon emon
01001011 (whatever) / federation against nature
*.* / kooma
second reality / future crew (skaven and purple motion)
added on the 2003-08-04 23:15:11 by rac rac
best piece of computermusic i have ever heard so far

mod.synergy by bit arts (from turmoil by sanity,amiga500)

2 mike^WT:

music for kasparov was made by herr weltschaft of elitegroup, not me.

2 venom:

i hereby claim the music for fr-019 to be my work, not kb's (yes, pimmelfechten extrem :)
added on the 2003-08-04 23:48:43 by rp rp
somehow I'm flattered to see how sometimes all great FR soundtracks are credited to me ;)

Still, I support rp's claims. And if Wayfinder ever wants the fame for the FR-025 music, I think I'll allow that :)
added on the 2003-08-04 23:58:35 by kb_ kb_
did i already say super luxus lemmen paketti?
added on the 2003-08-05 00:49:15 by skrebbel skrebbel
liquid wen or variform!
added on the 2003-08-05 06:17:19 by Tongue Tongue
For Amiga:

Cyberotica, soundtrack of Real/Complex (1994)

For PC:

fr 08.

TAD since 1995
added on the 2003-08-05 17:26:46 by TAD TAD
It has come to my attention that I misspelled Gargaj/Ümlaüt Design in a previous post. Oops.
Ümlaüt ümlaüt ümlaüt ümlaüt heee...
added on the 2003-08-08 04:34:29 by crusader crusader
In Demos: Kasparov / Elitegroup
In Intros: Stash / TBL
added on the 2003-08-08 12:48:59 by tolemaC tolemaC
Demo: Moralhardcandy / Blasphemy
Intro: Jizz / TBL
added on the 2003-08-09 13:33:47 by niles niles
"onward ride" by jugi for dope / complex - ultimately the *best* demosoundtrack of *all* times. no doubt about it.
added on the 2003-08-09 23:38:16 by gloom gloom
deesbab / orange
klone / dcs
my kingdom / haujobb
megablast / orange
variform / kewlers
protozoa / kewlers
hplus / halcyon
codename chinadoll / katastro.fi
chrome / damage

that's all i can think of now. i guess.
added on the 2003-08-10 11:23:23 by rjv rjv
For me the Farbrausch Soundtracks from FR025, 30 and 31, Soundtrack from Tesla and the Dos Soundtrack from Andromeda :)

By the Way a question - have anybody recorded the FR-031 soundtrack as mp3 and could provide a temporarily download Link? ;)
added on the 2003-08-11 23:21:27 by Sapphire Sapphire
I kinda like the mellow stuff...

pc: demo - tesla / intro - heaven7
amiga: demo - amsterdam blessings / intro - planet potion
c64: demo - krestology / 'intro' - dawnfall
added on the 2003-08-12 00:16:53 by Vip Vip
Music by Deep, Hplus and Jesus on E
9fingers bt spaceballs as demo tune and u4ia taketrip.mod for amimus! ;)
added on the 2003-08-13 00:23:03 by ravepants ravepants
For pure rose-tinted nostalgia, it's gotta be Phenomena/Enigma for me. Just epitomises the Amiga demo sound imo.

More recently, I enjoyed:

Replay/Fall Equals Winter
added on the 2003-08-13 03:07:54 by Vaipon Vaipon
I have read this thread and there are too many tracks to choose from. At first I thought quickly but now I am thinking there are a lot of good tracks which could be my favourite if I am in a certan mood.

I am new to the scene so I dont get nostalgic like some sceners who like old c64 music. But good music is about how it makes you feel when you listen to it.

added on the 2003-08-13 04:57:24 by Tongue Tongue
More great soundtracks:
Hyperventilation / Byterapers
Fulcrum / Matrix
MachinesOfMadness + Rotaliator / Dubius
SquoQuo´s Mansion / SquoQuo
Genesys / DigitalOblivion
TiksotropicExperience / Dahlia
added on the 2003-08-14 23:34:28 by T$ T$

Expiration / Peon
Leitmotiv / Lunix
Energia / Sunflower
Raw confessions / Cocoon
Kasparov / Elitegroup


Westside twiddly / Aardbei
Fr-011 / Farb-rausch
fr-08 / Farb-rausch
Heaven seven / Exceed

added on the 2003-08-15 08:32:08 by {OdS} {OdS}
hätä by da jormas
added on the 2003-08-15 08:39:03 by teel teel
This is a tough one...

fr-030/Farb-rausch (this one got stuck in my head)


I've missed heaps because my brain has decided to go on holiday and I cant remember what I liked...
added on the 2003-08-15 09:27:37 by geofft geofft
there can only be one:

Goatage by Noice
added on the 2003-08-15 14:25:15 by Pegasus Pegasus
Heaven 7 / Exceed (64k)
ÜberNuss /mainloop (4k)
Kasparov / Elitegroup (Demo)
fr-030 / Farb-rausch (64k)
fr-06 (remix) / Farb-rausch (Demo)
A Deepness in the Sky / MFX (Demo)
Panic / Future Crew (Demo)
2nd Reality / Future Crew (Demo)

... Damn actually there are loads of cool tracks ...
added on the 2003-08-15 15:15:10 by yenzen yenzen


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