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A letter!

category: residue [glöplog]
2021 has started and will finally bring us
added on the 2021-01-11 09:45:59 by v3nom v3nom
added on the 2021-01-11 11:50:29 by Emod Emod
which can beat
added on the 2021-01-12 00:17:32 by Sir Sir
it but
added on the 2021-01-12 18:54:29 by v3nom v3nom
added on the 2021-01-12 19:25:50 by Emod Emod
don't say the truth. only shakiras hip don't lie. on that note
, according to demoscene ethics
added on the 2021-01-12 20:51:57 by v3nom v3nom
, your unpopular opinions about the scene
added on the 2021-05-11 15:02:03 by Sir Sir
is, in fact very popular.
added on the 2021-05-11 17:02:09 by v3nom v3nom
In fact, SO very popular,
added on the 2021-07-02 15:17:42 by Sir Sir
so immeasurably immensly popular,
added on the 2021-07-02 23:47:38 by jco jco
that pope ular the first singlehandedly dropped the e from his name to
added on the 2021-07-04 00:18:56 by urs urs
added on the 2021-07-04 10:34:56 by Sir Sir
, (not Freddie),
added on the 2021-09-18 10:46:33 by Sir Sir
Quinn. He was also the first women to
added on the 2021-09-18 12:04:51 by v3nom v3nom
marry a random
added on the 2021-09-18 12:56:00 by Emod Emod
number with a big belly. but then she found out about
that movie "Maniac Mansion Chainsaw Massacre", in which
added on the 2021-09-18 13:48:05 by Sir Sir
a witch
which wishes
added on the 2021-09-18 15:03:10 by v3nom v3nom
added on the 2021-09-18 15:03:21 by v3nom v3nom
vendetta vermins
added on the 2021-09-18 16:11:37 by Emod Emod
added on the 2021-09-27 22:35:35 by bizun_ bizun_
added on the 2021-09-28 13:50:54 by Sir Sir


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