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A letter!

category: residue [glöplog]
more glowing ribbons around
what could ony be described a twisty maze of glowing ribbons. After that,
added on the 2016-01-20 17:43:17 by urs urs
strobo in your face punishes the retina
CRT display of my Apple][ containing
added on the 2016-01-20 20:02:42 by merkur merkur
so many quantum dots that it actually
added on the 2017-05-09 21:23:54 by Korguiq Korguiq
crashed indeed, but woow
added on the 2017-05-10 08:21:18 by Emod Emod
safe spaces for normies
added on the 2017-05-10 09:12:21 by Optimus Optimus
added on the 2017-05-10 09:21:44 by Emod Emod
or maybe within
added on the 2017-05-10 12:02:07 by Korguiq Korguiq
the inevitable
added on the 2017-05-10 12:32:38 by nagz nagz
discussion of
added on the 2017-05-10 22:25:37 by Emod Emod
politically correct
added on the 2017-05-11 00:33:36 by groepaz groepaz
masturbating donkeys in your kitchen, where
explicit pc
added on the 2017-05-11 16:24:45 by Emod Emod
morons and some horny bitches
added on the 2017-09-26 15:25:32 by Sir Sir
watch the masturbating donkey
get hit by a
added on the 2017-09-26 16:36:38 by xTr1m xTr1m
massive, bulging, almost rotund
added on the 2017-09-26 16:42:33 by Fell Fell
piece of birthday cake which
has proven that nazis
added on the 2017-09-26 17:40:10 by nagz nagz
also like masturbating donkeys and
intros bigger than 256byte, but smaller than
added on the 2017-09-26 17:59:43 by nagz nagz
the tits of Eva Braun, who liked to
added on the 2017-09-26 18:38:58 by Sir Sir
run around nude in the basement of
harry ramsdan's fish and chip shop
added on the 2017-09-26 20:00:46 by Fell Fell


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