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Movies you must see before you die

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added on the 2013-06-01 17:28:02 by svo svo
Re-watching atm. Still as funny as fuck.
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added on the 2013-06-08 07:09:09 by ringofyre ringofyre
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added on the 2013-06-23 17:03:36 by bull bull
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added on the 2013-07-31 00:20:11 by gentleman gentleman
turin horse
added on the 2013-07-31 01:22:10 by nosfe nosfe
classic one :)
The Black Gestapo

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Dr Black And Mr Hyde

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Darktown Strutters

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added on the 2013-08-01 18:42:39 by Forcer Forcer
Cheesy and has killer robot spiders + lots of other silly cool tech
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added on the 2013-08-10 01:42:36 by svo svo
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added on the 2013-08-10 09:09:56 by mic mic
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added on the 2013-08-11 00:38:26 by uncle-x uncle-x
+1 for Europa Report. ;]
Found this on imgur, wasn't sure if here or random youtube thread. Either way I'm currently d/ling to have a look.
added on the 2013-09-16 00:20:38 by ringofyre ringofyre
Jackie Chan (1978) - Die Schlange im Schatten des Adlers
(Original title: Snakes in the Eagles's Shadow)

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added on the 2013-09-16 11:29:40 by CHEF-KOCH CHEF-KOCH
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added on the 2013-09-16 11:45:25 by numtek numtek
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added on the 2013-11-22 01:37:30 by FunGas FunGas
I love Michael Caine so I need to watch that movie. Europa report seems promising as well.

Based on a true story / a must see:

The Mysterious Monsters
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added on the 2013-11-22 05:25:49 by Forcer Forcer
added on the 2013-11-22 05:45:05 by Forcer Forcer
Pacific Rim was shit - I'r rather have been rimmed than have to watch it. Sorry numtek.

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Trying to find the book again, haven't read it since highschool - don't even know which room to look in let alone which set of bookshelves! Might try to dig up a digital copy.

Found the movie a bit preachy but an interesting study in ethics vs. tactics.
added on the 2013-12-10 07:41:39 by ringofyre ringofyre
A Movie you must see _right_ before you die
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added on the 2013-12-12 20:42:35 by gentleman gentleman
added on the 2013-12-13 07:40:41 by ikam ikam
just ran thru Gravity. a hyped movie... , but it's not the baddest... when you "feel" like it. it's got it's "moments" of wtf... but that iss scene is some DEMOlishing shit. awesome.
added on the 2013-12-19 22:09:11 by yumeji yumeji
I know it's not technically a movie (anyone else want to start a "TV Series you must see before you die" thread - I'll get the sit kicked out of me if I do), but....

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added on the 2013-12-29 06:20:07 by ringofyre ringofyre


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